Use of Very, Much and Too with Examples

We have already done the Definition, Type and some Usage of Adverbs in our previous article. Now we shall do the use of some more important Adverbs like Very, Much and Too. Use of Very – Rule No 1. We

Use of Participles – Present, Past, Perfect Participles

We have already discussed Non-Finite verb and Gerund in our previous posts. We have also provided a Practice Set for Non-Finite verbs. Now we will cover the use of Participles. Read the Topic Called Common Errors from here. This topic

Use of Tense for SSC, Banking, Railways Exams

This is the age of competition – competition in each and every field. But the greatest competition is for the Jobs and Admissions.There are many exams meant for the Admissions and Written exams. There are generally four common subjects in

Use of Articles A, An,The – Remove Common Errors is trying to cover all the Topics of English Grammar for the Competitive Exams. After covering Prepositions, Narration, Tense and other  many topics, we are covering Articles now. The Articles are of two types – Definite and Indefinite. The

Use of Modals – Learn Modals for Competitive Exams

Modals ( should, would , can, could etc.) are very important for all the competitive and school exams. They are very important in speaking in expressing a speaker’s feelings, ideas, opinions etc. First of all the question is ” What

Learn Important English Proverbs / Sayings

Use of Idioms and Proverbs in you language makes it ornamental and quite impressive. People love to listen the use of Proverbs and Idioms in the speaker’s speech. Proverbs are known as कहावतें in Hindi. Its other synonyms in English

Use of Introductory “There” – Practice Set

How to use There in a sentence ? – Learn usage of There in day-to -day sentences Use of There – The adverb There is used in the beginning of a sentence immediately before ” to be ” when the

Use of Introductory It & There with Practice Set

In this article, we’ll teach our readers the use of Introductory It and There. For the English Language learners, it is very important to learn the use of these two words. Let’s do some of the rules related with It

Use of Interjections with Definition and Examples for Exams

Definition and Use of Interjections with Examples for English Learners ( In English and Hindi)- Improve your Grammar Definition – An Interjection is a word which expresses some emotion or sudden feeling (disgust, enthusiasm, sorrow, joys, surprise etc.) of the