Use of Introductory It & There with Practice Set

Wn this article, we’ll teach our readers the use of introductory It and There. For the English Language learners, it is very important to learn the use of these two words. Let’s do some of the rules related with It and There with their proper usage in sentences – ( English to Hindi Translation )

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Uses of It –

1. It is not a real subject, but it introduces us to the subject.

2. It is used in case the subject is indefinite.

3. In the Present Tense, we use It is and in the Past Tense, we use It was.

4. In interrogative sentences, the helping verb is or was comes before It.

Examples of the use of It –

It is pleasant weather today – आज काफी सुहावना मौसम है।

It was moonlit night yesterday – कल चांदनी रात थी।

Was it very hot yesterday ? – क्या कल बहुत गर्मी थी ?

It is very difficult to understand him – उसको समझना बड़ा मुश्किल है।

It was very cold the day before yesterday – परसों बड़ी ठण्ड थी।

Is it raining now ? – क्या अब बारिश हो रही है ?

Use of There & It –

1. When the noun is related with uncertain person or thing and that uncertain subject has to be the subject of verb to be, then there is used before that verb.

e.g. – There are four students in the class. ( here the subject four students agree the verb are )

2. If there is the singular noun after to be, we use singular verb/ material noun and if there is the plural noun, we use plural verb.

e.g. There is one boy ( SN)  in the class.

There are two boys ( PN) in the class.

There is no milk ( material noun)  in the jug.

Was there a dog in the street ? ( Past Tense)

Sentences with Introductory There –

There are 12 months in a year – वर्ष में 12 महीनें होते हैं ।

Note – With the word year, we usually use article a. 

There was no one in the room – कमरे में कोई नहीं था।

Is there any one who can help you ? – क्या कोई है जो तुम्हारी  मदद कर सके ?

There were 10 students in the class yesterday –  कल  कक्षा में 10 विद्यार्थी थे।

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