English Grammar Practice Sets for all Competitive Exams

So far we have provided separate practice sets for the topics of English Grammar. Now we are preparing Practice Sets of Complete English Grammar. But it is necessary to read all the topics of Grammar from our website.

It is also necessary to undergo all the Grammar Practice Sets ( Topic wise ) to have complete confidence. It is our sincere endeavor to provide you maximum practice of all the gradients of the Exams like GK and Awareness, Mathematics, Reasoning, English , Computer Knowledge etc.

Q.1. Do as per the instructions given against each of the sentences –

Correct the following sentences –

a. Taking coffee, he went to the market.

b. Being Sunday, we got up very late.

c. Somebody has stolen my purse, hasn’t he?

d. Let us write a letter, can we ?

Change the narration of the following sentences –

e. I said,” One must do one’s duty honestly.”

f. Rudra said to Kinjal,” OK, I will help you in this matter.”

g. She said to him, Good morning, you are looking smart today.”

Change the voice of the following sentences –

h. He was taken to hospital.

i. Let us invite him.

j. She asked me if I could help her.

k. I heard him sing a song.

Fill in the blanks –

l. I wish I ———-( know) him.

m. I am opposed to ———-( go ) there.

n. She as well as her children ——–( has/have)  gone there.

Fill in the blanks with Verbs –

o. Having ………( take ) our lunch, we did some rest.

p. They …………( contact) us since they …………( leave ) this place.

q. Children …………(do) their work before they watch TV.

Solutiona. having taken coffee b. It being c. haven’t they ? d. shall we ? e. I said that one must do one’s duty honestly f. Rudra told Kinjal that he would help her in that matter g. She wished him good morning and said that he was looking smart that day

h. People took him to hospital i. It is suggested that we should invite him j. I was asked if I could help her k. He was heard to sing a song by me l knew m. going n. has o. taken p. haven’t contacted, left q. will have done

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