English Practice Paper with Solution – Mock Test – 1

We are starting a series of English Papers now. Earlier we have published three papers of English and some papers of Maths and Reasoning along with General Knowledge. We have the target of publishing the Question Papers ( Practice sets ) as many as we can.

These practice sets will be of all the subjects which are the part of all Competitive exams. So get ready for more practice for your upcoming exams through the English, Math, Reasoning and GK Papers.

English Paper – Total Questions – 20

Choose the Antonyms of the following words from the options that follow –

1. Latter –

a. Final b. First c. Second d. Former

2. Hazardous –

a. Safe  b. Luxurious c. Harmful d. Risky

3. Significant –

a. Note-w0rthy b. Momentous c. Trivial d. Neglected

Choose the same word in meaning from the options available ahead –

4. Sterling

a. Formidable b. Glamorous c. Essential d. Genuine

5. Ventured

a. Dared b. Discouraged c. Emphasized c Repented

Choose the erratic part out of the following ones.

The sentence may not have any error. In that case you will choose the Fifth Option.

6. The interrogation made by ( a )/ him hardly carry (b)/ any concrete conclusion ( c )/ about the crime ( d )/No Error (e )

7. What you have said ( a )/ about your friend is  ( b )/ found to be correct ( c )/ but it can’t be proved ( d )/ No Error (e )

8. The way to the fort ( a ) / was too difficult that ( b ) / we could not reach ( c)/ the farthest point ( d )/ No Error (e )

9. If my father approves ( a )/ I went to Delhi ( b )/ Next Week ( c )/ to meet my friend ( d )/ No Error ( e )

10. Each boy ( a )/ was given  ( b )/ a bunch of flowers ( c )/ which pleased them very much (d )/ No Error ( e)

Try English Practice Paper – Mock Test – 1

Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the statement meaningful –

11. There is no need of any evidence as everything is very ————

a. uncertain b. Obvious c. Essential d. significant

12. Normally she is very ———- in her behaviour, but on that particular occasion she behaved very aggressively.

a. Docile b. rude c. obedient d. Immature

13. Onions grow in ———– in this part and hence they are always not so costly here.

a. peak b. excessive c. dearth d. abundance

14. I have in my album photographs of some of my close friends ——– I can never forget.

a. who b. whom c which d that

15. If you ———- in advance, you will get some concession.

a. buy b. submit c. purchase d. pay

Rearrange the following sentences in the proper order to form a meaningful paragraph. Check answer with the correct order

A. They are not bothered to break rules of the society, laws and even relations.

B. But one thing is certain. They will one day realize that this importance needs to be shifted.

C. People are generally ready to go to any extent to possess these materialistic aspects.

D. All this shift will certainly be in favor of good and socially desirable values.

E. This is all because of the undue importance attached to these aspects.

F. Money, comfort, luxuries have dominated all other considerations these days.

16. Which of the following should be the Sixth sentence after the arrangement ?

a. D b. F c. E d. B

17. Which of the following should be the Fourth sentence after the arrangement ?

a. F b. E c. D d. C

18. Which of the following should be the First sentence?

a. F b. E c. D d. C

19. Which of the following should be the Second sentence?

a. F b. E c. D d. C

20. Which of the following should be the Fifth sentence after the arrangement ?

a. F b. B c. D d. C

Answers with the solution –

1. d 2. a 3. c 4.b 5. a 6 b 7. e 8. b 9. b 10. e 11. b 12. a 13.  d 14. b 15.  d 16. a 17. b 18. a 19. d 20. b

We shall update this post with more questions. So keep coming.

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