Should Reservation be continued or scrapped? Read why

The whole of Gujarat is brewing up in the inferno of the Reservation. The Patel-community led-by twenty two year old Hardik Patel is demanding reservation under OBC Quota. Consequently the clash is inevitable between the state Govt and the protesters. Jats are demanding quota for them.

Should Reservation be continued or scrappedNow we are not to focus as to what is happening in Gujarat or what jats are doing. We have to analyze whether providing reservation on the basis of the caste, creed or sex  is justified or not.

I had heard the word Reservation for the first time in 1992 or 1993 when I was in 8th Class. I and my classmates would like this word not because we knew about it, but because we had a lot of holidays due to this.

When we came to know that the Aarakshan wale students aa rahen hain ( Students protesting against Reservation are coming ), we would be in ecstasy. Our joys knew no bounds. Every day we would wait for them. Even, I think they might have the faint idea of what Reservation was.

They might not have the clear understanding of advantages and disadvantages of imposing reservation on the country by the then VP Singh Govt on the recommendation of Mandal Commission. ( Hundreds of students had lost their lives struggling against reservation in that era ).

Reservation – Boon or Bane for the development of the country

It was quite evident that they were acting like puppets in the hands of the shrewd politicians as it is today. Neither then nor now are the people aware that the real beneficiaries from the Reservation were and are the politicians. The first and foremost benefit is that they have got their vote bank increased. They have become the savior and prophets for the millions of people of their castes.

In a way, Reservation has given way to the caste based politics – one of the biggest harms it has caused to the country. Society has been divided in to castes, categories and religions.

No developed country will ever advocate for reservation for the upliftment of its citizens. It will certainly find out other ways for the purpose. Why to crush the talent in the name of the of the upliftment of the underprivileged and oppressed classes ?

In reality corruption and Reservation has mercilessly crushed the real talent of the country. The meritorious candidates have become dejected and disappointed. For example in some colleges of DU, the cut off for General Category is around 85 or 90, the same for the Reserved categories is 50 or 60.

With much lower marks, the candidates from the Reserved Class manage to get jobs. A candidate from General Category gets promotion after rendering 12 to 15 years’ services whereas the SC/ ST candidates get it in 5 to 7 years, again thanks to this reservation policy.

Besides there are a no of other benefits at the cost of General Candidates. The deserving candidates are being fared badly- this is bad. If you want to benefit the less privileged categories, help them, give them benefits. Who objects to it?

Opinion on Reservation System

Give them education free of cost, free books, free coaching, Scholarships, what you want to give them. But let them face the competitions, Entrance and Recruitment Exams on the equal footing with the General Candidates.

Note 10% Quota for the Upper General Caste People has been sanctioned in the BJP regime in Jan 2019. Gujarat and UP has become first two states to apply it in their respective states.

It will certainly raise their confidence, status and economic conditions and above all it would be good for all.

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