Haryana Board 8th Class English Grammar Practice Set 2

View your preparation in BSEH/ HBSE ( Haryana Board, Bhiwani ) of 8th class English Grammar – After every sentence you will find solution/ answer – Useful links for middle class students –

 English Grammar Practice Set 1 with answers –

Fill in the blanks with suitable tense

a. Kinjal ———— ( teach ) the students for three hours.

Answer – has been teaching

b. The child ———– ( be ) playing outside this time.

Answer – is playing

c. She———- ( phone ) you yesterday.

Answer – phoned

d. I ————- ( read ) this magazine tomorrow.

Answer – will read

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles ( a, an, the ) –

a. Narwana is ———- small city.

Answer – a

b. ———- Rudra is my friend.

Answer – no article

c. Indians speak ———- Hindi language.

Answer – the

d. We should help ——— needy.

Answer – the

Fill in the blanks with correct modals

a. She ———— likes to drink water.

Answer – would

b. ———— I borrow your pencil ?

Answer – May

c. Casey came here in order that he ———– meet us.

Answer – might

d. You ———– to sing a song.

Answer – ought

Change the Narration of the following sentences –

a. I said, ” I will play table-tennis. ”

Answer – I said that I would play table tennis.

b. Julie said to Maria, ” Have you read this book ? ”

Answer – Julie asked Maria if she had read that book.

c. His father said to him, ” He must not live in the company of bad boys. ”

Answer – His father told him that he must not live in the company of bad boys.

d. Raju said to Sarita, ” Clean this room at once, please. ”

Answer – Raju requested Sarita to clean that room at once.

Change the voice of the following sentences –

a. They write a novel.

Answer – A novel is written by them.

b. He can do anything.

Answer – Anything can be done by him.

c. Lalit will drink water.

Answer – Water will be drunk by Lalit.

d. Switch on the light.

Answer – Let the light be switched on.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition

a. You write ——- a note-book.

Answer – on

b. The question is given ——— Telugu.

Answer – in

c. Ravi went ——— Hisar ———- buy motor-parts.

Answer – to, to

d. The boys are playing ———- the roof.

Answer – on

2nd and 3rd forms of Verbs

a. Be

Answer – 2nd – was

3rd – been

b. Die

Answer – 2nd – died

3rd – died

c. Cut

answer – 2nd – cut

3rd – cut

d. Put

Answer – 2nd – put

3rd – put

English Grammar Practice of 8th class

Though we have taken utmost care regarding this paper of English Grammar of 8th class, you may come across some mistakes. We request you to tell us about those mistakes so that we may rectify them. We hope these sentences may be valuable to you. Best of luck of middle class students for their exams.

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