Why is Hindi lagging behind ? – Special on Hindi Diwas

A short Speech for Hindi Diwas – English Vs Hindi.

The people of the country must be celebrating Hindi Day ( Hindi Divas ) on 14th of September. There shall be meetings and gatherings to promote Hindi Language, curse the system that has caused such a big damage to this language which was once the glory of the country and now we have to persuade the people to use it otherwise it may go the way as Sanskrit.

Now what is it that has caused this miserable plight to Hindi? The attitude of the people towards it or the government’s apathy to this age-old language of the country. There are various reasons for this poor condition of this language in its own land.

English is the language of Prestige – Hindi causes embarrassment

Yes, it’s true. You must have felt that when you speak in English, you feel proud. In case of Hindi, there is no such feeling. Conversely, the speaker feels embarrassment sometimes. He is looked as inferior and uneducated.

English Provides Jobs – Hindi Creates jokes

If you have to get jobs in the present scenario, English is the right language for you. It impresses the interviewers and the employers. Whereas Hindi is confined to symposium only. It has just become the language of jokes at such platform.

English is the medium of Instructions – Hindi faces Restrictions

In most of the Prestigious English Medium schools, the medium of Instructions is only English. Students are taught only in English. There are the strict restrictions on the use of English. If any students are found speaking in English, he/she is penalized. If a teacher is found flaunting this rule, his/her services are terminated.

English is the crown – Hindi is the clown

Whether it is Higher Education or any Competitive Exams, English serves as the Royal Language. Hindi rarely finds any place here.

Be Optimistic regarding Hindi

But there is no need of being so much pessimistic. Now we recognize Hindi as useful language which carries rich literature and richer than English in terms of its Vocab and texture. People have found in it a new potential of becoming the language of latest techniques such as IT.

We believe in the times to come more than 50 crore people can use it on Google. It is ready to be another International language like Russian, Chinese. We have just to change our mind-set towards it.

14th September

Jai Hindi – Jai Hindustan

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