Teachers Day (5th Sept)- Dr Radhakrishnan – Short Speech Essay

A Short Speech on Teachers’ Day – Why is Teachers’ Day Celebrated ? – Also read Quotes and Thoughts on Teachers by Famous Personalities of the World, Useful for making short reports for board exams.

Teachers' Day

The whole of India shall be celebrating Teachers’ Day on 5th of Sept to commemorate erstwhile President and eminent educationist Sh Radhakrishnan Sarvepalli. I would like to start with a very famous Hindi Verse –

Guru Govind dou khade, kake lagun paye,

Balihari Guru Apne jin Govind deo milae.

Its English version goes like this – Teacher and Almighty both are standing before a person. He is on the horns of dilemma as to whose feet he must touch first. Then he got the reason. He says that he is full of gratitude for his master as it is because of him that he has got the chance God.

Sept 5, 2022 – Day Monday

So these lines delineate the position of reverence earned by Gurus ( teachers ) among Indian Masses. This is because of the age-old custom that has built up this heavenly relation between the master and his disciples.What a teacher can give to his disciples is best illustrated from the following event.

There was a gathering of five old school friends after a long period. They were boasting of their achievements. One said he was a DC and enjoyed a lot of prestige. Another was a doctor who said he had earned a lot of money as well as reputation.

Teachers’ Day – 5th Sept – Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

The same replied came from the lawyer and the businessman. One of them was just listening to them. They looked at him with a sneer and asked about his achievements. The person said that his only achievement is that he makes DCs, Doctors, Lawyers and successful businessmen every year. Yes, he was a teacher. All of them were speechless.

The teachers are considered one of the pillars of the society. They are expected to bring changes in society and reform it. Their role is becoming more and more significant when the youth of the country is on the perverted path owing to the distractions which are the products of the modern age. In this way the teachers will always have a significant role to play in the society.

I also pay my respects to my teachers Mr. Jha, Mr. NK Tyagi, Mr. Sisodia and others (Arya Boys, Narwana ). Whatsoever I am in this life, it is because of their efforts and blessings. May all of them live long with all joys of life !

Even the Prime Minister Modi in his pet programme Mann Ki Baat ( 27th August 2017) lauded the teachers of the country and requested them” to teach to transform, educate to empower and learn to lead.”

Best Quotes/ Thoughts for Teachers’ Day

A few words about Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan –

He was the First Vice- President and the second President of India from 1962 to 1967. He was also a prominent educationist. As a teacher, he served various prestigious institutions of Higher Education.

His effective way of teaching, relationship with the students, extra-ordinary knowledge made him favorite with his students. Recognizing his achievements as a teacher, 5th of Sept ( his date of birth ) was attributed as Teachers’ Day.

A few words of my own related to this most special day –  I think a good teacher is he who provides opportunity to the students to have their own ideas in the class-room, keeps them away from stupid learning. He must provide fresh food, not the junk food.

Sept 5, 2018 Special News regarding Teachers’ Day –

SSA Teachers want their dues before this day

Best Teachers’ Award for 2018R. Sathy, Head of Madukkarai Panchayat Union Primary school in Malumichampatti village.

Happy Teachers’ Day

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