How to be a Good Teacher ? – An Ideal Teacher

Teaching is considered to be a very noble profession. Now-a-days more and more youngsters wish to be teachers, thanks very good salaries with great social kudos. But teaching is not so easy as it looks. It requires a lot of things to become a really good teacher.

This is a job that requires patience, dedication, passion, vision, ownness et al. Read some of the qualities that can turn a teacher in to an ideal teacher.

How to be a Good Teacher ?

Analyze Yourself

First of all, you must know why you are adopting this noble profession profession. Most of you will answer – for money. No doubt, money is the biggest motivating factor these days. And it is the foremost desire of a person to be economically secure in the modern world.

And there is nothing wrong in it. But earning money must not be the sole aim in adopting teaching. Choosing this career must be influenced by your passion for teaching, improving standard of society through it. Money must secondary.

If you are here in this profession only for money, you can’t justify with it. Your eyes shall be only on the day you will get your salary.

Ownness or the sense of belongingness

A true teacher must have emotional and psychological attachment with his students. Most of the teachers are indifferent towards the needs and problems of their students.

A Good Teacher

The students must feel connected with you. They must see fatherly or motherly figure in you. That shall be your success as a teacher if they do so.

Home work –

Like students, teachers must also do the home work. It is very necessary to be a hard working teacher than intelligent one. Home work shall instill confidence in you. If you haven’t done home work for the topic you have to teach, you may face problems in the class-room.

You may get stuck at some point or you will teach something wrong. Now-a-days students are intelligent enough to catch you. So in order to avoid this on-the -spot humiliation, it is better for you to do some home work.

Passion –

This is the basis of everything in teaching. If you have passion, you are a good teacher. Passion shall make up for any deficiency you have in teaching. If you  have passion, you will not look for money, you will do your home work properly, you will have the feeling of belongingness with the taught.

Constant Knowledge seeker –

A teacher must have hunger for infinite knowledge. For that he must be the voracious reader of good and knowledgeable books. He must participate in the  seminars and talks for the purpose. He must also disseminate this infinite knowledge among his students.

So have these qualities in you and try to be a good teacher rather than an ideal teacher.

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