Social Media and its Adverse Impact on Indian Society – Essay/ Article

Essay/ Article / Essay on Social Media and its adverse / evil impact on Indian Society

Now-a-days there is an addicted craze among the people for the use of Social Media. All the people from young children to oldsters can be seen sticking to their Mobile Phones. Most of them are engaged in sending and receiving messages to and from their social media friends.

There are various platforms of Social Media which are being used by most of people of the world. These social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc are breaking their own records of having more and more members every year.

Evil Impact of Social Media

Recently, the Facebook had shared the news that the no. of its visitors has reached in billions. In a way, the modern man is living in two worlds, virtual and real. He doesn’t delay his wishing birthdays, marriage anniversaries etc to his not-so-real friends.

But when he meets them in a person, he forgets to ask even their well-being. But such things don’t harm anybody. So what is it that harms the persons, society and ultimately the whole nation more ?. If Social Media is limited to wishing morning, evening, birthdays etc, that’s OK.

But when it crosses its threshold, then it becomes incurable disease. It has caused more evils than any good to our Indian Society.  In my opinion, much use of Social media or if I make a clean sweep, the existence of social media is not good for the country like India which is plural and divergent. There are billions of people from different religions, taste, thinking and behaviour living in India with harmony. But this harmony is put on stake due to Social Media. There is no check on the content sent and received on these platforms.

Misuse of Social Media – An Article/ Essay

Most of people using it to spread venom among the people. They are instigating the people of one community against those of other community by posting venomous videos and material. They use such language that can’t be spoken by any civilized person whether he is in public or alone. Most of the issues are related with religions, food habits, Kashmir etc.

And the irony is that most of these posts/ videos are fake and full of rumors. However, these gullible people easily take them to be real and don’t hesitate to react promptly. Sometimes they even don’t hesitate to assume the appearance of unruly crowd and lynching people just because their thoughts and eating habits are different.

Even the PM Modi has spoken about this mental bankruptcy from various platforms. But such advice falls flat on them. They are incorrigible in their habits. Most of the problems are getting worse because people are active on social media. They don’t use their brains. However, if we don’t stop here, results shall be very horrible.

For children/students also, Social Media is the worst gift by the modern technology. They spend their precious hours chatting and sharing videos on various platforms. Their innocent minds are also instilled with such poison and obscene thoughts. Increase in the crime rates among all sections of society is the right manifestation of its misuse.

So what type of society is social media creating ? Are we really getting more and more social ? The answers to these questions lie within ourselves.

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