General Knowledge Paper for HSSC, SSC Exams

This is another Question Paper for General Knowledge for various competition exams for Recruitments under Staff Selection Commission, Haryana Staff Selection Commission etc. So check your preparation from yet another paper.

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GK Paper – 3 for all Competitive Exams –

Q. 1. Rajghat is related with –

Q. 2. Who is known as Black Gandhi ?

Q. 3. Who is known as Modern Meera ?

Q. 4. Who had the sub-title of Mahamana ?

Q. 5. Where did Kuka Movement take place ?

Q. 6. Who led the Bheel Mutiny ?

Q. 7. Who had transferred the capital of India from Calcutta to Delhi ?

Q. 8. When did Gandhi – Irvine Pact take place ?

Q. 9. Who is known as Super Cat ?

Q. 10. Narayan Ghat related with –

General Knowledge Practice Set for Competitive exams with Answers below –

Q. 11. When was Asiatic Society established ?

Q. 12. Who was the founder of Home Rule League ?

Q. 13. When did Gadar Party come in to existence ?

Q. 14. When did Muslim League come in to being ?

Q. 15. Who was the  founder of Brahma Samaj ?

Q. 16. To whom is Velur Mutt related and when was it set up ?

Q. 17. Who was known as Rajaji ?

Q. 18. Ekta Sthala is related with –

Q. 19. Who is known as Babuji ?

Q. 20. Where did Munda Mutiny take place ?

Q. 21. Which is the last word of Oxford English Dictionary ( OED) ?

Q. 22.  What is the meaning of Zyzzvya ?

Q. 23. What was the last word of OED before Zyzzvya was introduced to Oxford Dictionary ?

Q. 24. Name the Britain’s largest-ever warship that has taken to the seas for two years of trials ?

Answers – 1. Mahatma Gandhi 2. Martin Luther 3. Mahadevi Verma 4. Madan Mohan Malviya 5. Punjab 6. Sewaram 7. Lord Hording 8. In 1931 9. Clive Lloyd 10. Guljarilal Nanda 11. In 1784 12. Tilak and Annie Besant 13. In 1913 14. In 1906 15. Raja Ram Mohan Rai 16. Swami Vivekananda in 1887 17. C Raj Gopalachari 18. Gyani Jail Singh 19. Jagjivan Ram 20. Bihar 21. Zyzzyva 22. A tropical beetle 23. Zythum 24. Queen Elizabeth

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