GK and Current Affairs Practice Paper for HSSC, SSC, IBPS Exams

Get ready to check your General Knowledge and Current Affairs competence through this Practice Set. This paper shall be beneficial for Recruitment Exams by Haryana Staff Selection Commission TGT/PGT/Clerk/JE/Tehsildar and other exams, SSC CGL and CHSL Exams, IBPS Clerk and PO Exams. We have selected some very important questions and their answers are provided at the end of this page.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs Practice Paper – 3

Q. 1. Between whom was the battle of Plassey fought ?

Q. 2. Who was the master of Gautam Buddha ?

Q. 3. What was Black Pagoda ?

Q. 4. Who was the 24th Tirthankar of Jain Religion ?

Q. 5. Who had set up Nalanda University?

Q. 6. Who was the Ruler when Mehmood Ghajnabi looted Somnath temple ?

Q. 7. Which country is the largest producer of Timber ?

Q. 8. Which River is known as the Sorrow of China ?

Q. 9. Which country is famous for White Elephants ?

Q. 10. In which country the Sun rises during Midnight ?

GK and Current Affairs Practice Paper 3

Q. 11. What do we call the boundary line between India and China ?

Q. 12. The currency Taka belongs to  –

Q. 13. Of which country Yen is the currency?

Q. 14. Of which country do the Pygmy belong to ?

Q. 15. What is the highest water fall of the world ?

Q. 16. When is National Education Day celebrated ?

Q. 17. When is International Woman Day celebrated ?

Q. 18. To which game does Gagan Narang belong ?

Q. 19. What is the national Symbol of the USA ?

Q. 20. Who was the first British Governor General of India ?

Q. 21. Who became the 13th Vice President of India ?

Q. 22. Who is the Vice Chairperson of Niti Aayog ?

Answers – 1. Sirajudoula and the English 2. Alar Kalam 3. It was a temple 4. Mahavir Swami 5. Kumaragupta I 6. Bhim I 7. USA 8. Huang Ho ( Yellow River )  9. Laos 10. Norway 11. McMahon Line 12. Bangladesh 13. Japan 14 Kango 15. Angel 16 11th of Nov 17. 8th of March 18. Air Rifle Shooting 19. Golden Rod 20. Lord William Bentinck 21. Venkaiah Naidu 22. Rajiv Kumar

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