General Knowledge Practice Set for Clerk Level Exams – 2

If you are preparing for any Recruitment Written Exam for Clerk level posts and looking for much practice for General Knowledge Portion, we assure you that you are at the right platform. The General Knowledge is a wide topic and it requires constant practice to overcome it a little bit.

There is the need to read facts over and over again till you get confidence. You cramming should be good. So try some of the questions. It will certainly check your GK regarding History, Geography, Civics etc.

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General Knowledge Paper – Practice Set – 2

Q. 1 Where is Harappa located ?

Q. 2.Between whom did the famous Hydaspes Battle take place ?

Q. 3. Where is the India‘s ideal National Statement ” सत्यमेव जयते ” found ?

Q. 4. What do we call Mahatma Buddha‘s Home Desertion ( गृह त्याग ) in Buddha Scriptures ?

Q. 5. Where was Mahatma Buddha enlightened ?

Q. 6. What are Upanishads ?

Q. 7. What was the main reason that Gandhi ji had to postpone his Non-cooperation Movement in 1922?

General Knowledge Paper for Competitive Exams –

Q. 8. Who gave a slogan ” Do or die ” ?

Q. 9. What was the chief Production during Harappa era ?

Q. 10. Which is India’s biggest Sugarcane producing state ?

Q. 11. Which is India’s biggest peanuts producing state ?

Q. 12. Where is Khaibar Pass situated ?

Q. 13. What is Brazil’s chief Production ?

Q. 14. Which is World’s biggest Wheat Grower ?

Q. 15. Which country stands first in the production of Milk ?

Q. 16. Which country is called the ” Pearl of East ” ?

Q. 17. Pygmy Tribe is situated at –

Q. 18. Which country is the biggest producer of Synthetic rubber ?

Q. 19. Which is the biggest UT of India ?

Q. 20. What is Super Nova ?

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Check Answers of GK Questions below –

Answers – 1. Matgomari District 2. Between Sikandar and Poras 3. मुण्डकोपनिषद 4. महाभिनिष्क्रमण 5. Bodhgaya, on the banks of Niranjan River 6. the last part of Vaidik Literature 7. Chaura Chauri incident 8. Mahatma Gandhi 9. Cotton 10. Uttar Pradesh 11. Andhra Pradesh 12. Pakistan 13. Coffee 14. China 15. India 16. Sri Lanka 17. Kongo 18. USA 19. Andaman and Nicobar 20. Steller Explosion

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  1. actually alaxender won that war sir
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  3. 2nd quest. ans:- The Battle of the Hydaspes River was fought by Alexander the Great in 326 BC against King Porus of the Hindu Paurava kingdom on the banks of the Hydaspes River (Jhelum River) in the Punjab near Bhera, in what is now Pakistan.Alexander and his army were defeated by King Porus.The Hydaspes was the last major battle fought by Alexander.

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