Sweden is the best country to live in – India stands 70th – Survey

London – According to studies by Good Country (2015 Index), Sweden stands first as the best country in the world as far as it comes to providing facilities to the citizens, catering to their various interests and contributing to general good of humanity.

The survey included as many as 163 countries. India stands at 70th position in the list which is quite abysmal. The Top 10 Country List includes the following countries –

Name of the Country  Rank
Sweden 01
Denmark 02
The Netherlands 03
The UK 04
Germany 05
Finland 06
Canada 07
France 08
Austria 09
New Zealand 10
India 70
Libya Last

Many things were considered before preparing this list of good countries of the world. Libya performed the worst in this list getting 163rd rank. China ranked a bit better in this list.

India’s performance in Good Country 2015 Index –

India got the best ranking in International Peace and Security ( 27th), it secured 37th rank in health and well-being and 62nd rank in Science and Technology. She was ranked 119th in Culture, 106th in climate and stood 100th in world order. India did it worst in Prosperity while capturing 124th rank in the world.

Know about Sweden a bit –

Sweden is a Scandinavian country consisting thousands of coastal islands. It’s capital is Stockholm with local language Swedish. The currency of Sweden is Swedish Krona. It’s capital is a home of royal palaces, museums, parks etc.

The country is very beautiful with inland lakes, greenery that prevails every where, hotels and restaurants. The economic condition of the people is healthy and their life is full of fun and frolic. Absolutely Sweden is the best country to live in and visit.

About the Good Country Index –

This is  an index that carries the list of the countries which are good in each and every aspect. Besides many things it measures what each country on earth contributes to the common good of humanity and what harm it causes relative to its size.

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