Science GK for HSSC, SSC Exams- Important Questions – 2

There are a few questions of Science in the General Knowledge Topic of any of the exams. The nature of the these questions is getting tougher and you can’t expect Simple Questions on Science. We are making serious effort here for all the examinees to visit and learn important questions on Science.

Science General Knowledge Questions For all Competitive Exams –

Q. 1. If a person can see a thing nearby but not at a distance, he suffering from –

Q. 2. Who had invented electric battery?

Q. 3. Radium was discovered by ?

Q. 4. Whose name is connected with Heart Transplantation ?

Q. 5. Who had discovered Quantum Theory ?

Q. 6. The constituents of Steel are –

Q. 7. What is the chemical formula for Caustic Soda ?

Q. 8. Chemical Formula for Marble –

Q. 9. What is the Chemical name of laughing gas ?

Q. 10. Which is the tallest mammal ?

Important Questions on Science for competitive exams

Q. 11. Which part of body does Influenza affect ?

Q. 12. Which part of body does Measles affect ?

Q. 13. Plague affects the following part of the body –

Q. 14. One Horse Power is equal to –

Q. 15. Plague is caused by –

Q. 16. Cholera is caused by –

Q. 17. What is the pH value of blood ?

Q. 18. Who had discovered Electron ?

Q. 19. Nucleus is discovered by –

Q. 20. Who had discovered Genetic Code ?

Q. 21. Who had discovered Insulin ?

Q. 22. Bronze is constituted from ?

Q. 23 Who had devised the Celsius scale ?

Q. 24. In which year did he devise the  Celsius scale ?

Q. 25. How much part do the rain forests cover the land of the earth ?

Contributed by – Rudra Gupta

Ans – 1. Myopia 2. A Volta 3. Merrie and Pierre Query 4. Christian Bernard 5. Max Plank 6. Nickel and Carbon 7. NaOH 8. CaCO3 9. Nitrous Oxide 10. Giraffe 11.  Respiratory System 12. the whole body 13. Armpit, lungs and blood cells 14. 746 watt 15. Pasteurella Pestis 16. Vibrio Colerae 17. 7.4 18. J.J Thomson 19. Rutherford 20. Dr Hargobind Khurana 21. Frederick Banting 22. Copper and Tin 23. Swedish Astronomer Anders Celsius 24. In 1742 25. around 6%

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