Questions from The Third Level by Jack Finney

Prepare questions from ” The Third Level ” – For Haryana Board ( HBSE ) CBSE students – Based on NCERT Question 1. How does Charley reach the third level ? Answer–  One day, Charley was late at his office.

Questions on Indian History – For SSC CGL, CHSL Exams – 1

Everybody knows that General Knowledge is a wide field. It is made of questions from the various areas like – History, Geography, Polity, Current Affairs etc. Here in this article we are providing some very important questions from Indian History.

Questions From the Story The Enemy by Pearl S. Buck

Learn the following questions/answers from the story ” The Enemy ” written by P.S Buck- Meaning of some difficult Words Question 1. How did Dr Sadao help the prisoner of war to escape ? What human values do you find

Questions from The Enemy by Pearl S. Buck for the Exams

Prepare Answers of the following Questions – Short Questions with Solution Question – What was the chief concern of Sadao’s father about Dr Sadao ? or What was the chief concern of Sadao’s father and what did he do for

Questions on Indian Constitution for Competitive Papers

In all the exams, questions related on Indian Constitution are often asked. We are preparing some important questions for the upcoming exams. We hope you shall be benefited a lot. Indian Constitution based Questions – भारतीय सविंधान Q. 1 Who

Science GK for HSSC, SSC Exams- Important Questions – 2

There are a few questions of Science in the General Knowledge Topic of any of the exams. The nature of the these questions is getting tougher and you can’t expect Simple Questions on Science. We are making serious effort here

CBSE, HBSE 12th English Important Questions

Download Some Important Questions from 12th Class English Syllabus/ Practice Set For CBSE and Haryana Board Students Students Summer vacation is over and the schools have opened once again. Now the syllabus for all the classes is going on in

HBSE 9th Class English Important Questions for Final Exam

Before checking importing questions from here and there, the candidates can try HBSE 9th Question Paper from here. We have collected these important questions from various Sample Papers. For this, We have also taken the opinion of some English Teachers.

Questions, Facts related with 1857 Rebellion/ Mutiny

Read some important questions/ significant facts linked with Rebellion/Mutiny/ Revolt/ Uprising of 1857 ( 1857 का विद्रोह) This mutiny of 1857 is a great event in the history of our nation. Some people believe it to be the first war

Know about BRICS – Important Questions/ Facts for Exams

BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. So BRICS is an acronym. BRICS 2016 Summit has taken place at Goa, India. All these member countries are leading developing or newly industrialized countries. Originally it was BRIC. It

Know about SAARC – Facts,Important Questions for Exams

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation has the acronym SAARC. As the title suggests, it is an organization of South Asian Countries for the welfare of the member countries. This is time it is in news for otherwise reasons. 19th

Important Questions, Facts about Canadian Literature

Canadian Literature is not so old one. This is the new entrant. It got its new identity in 1920s and 1930s. But the Golden Era of Canadian Literature began after 1st and 2nd world wars. We are bringing some very

Questions on Time & Distance – Maths Practice Set

There are two or three questions on Time and Distance in any of the competitive exams. Math is a compulsory part of any of the exams by SSC/IBPS/States’ Boards and Commissions. So here is one practice set for Time and