Questions From the Story The Enemy by Pearl S. Buck

Learn the following questions/answers from the story ” The Enemy ” written by P.S Buck- Meaning of some difficult Words

Question 1. How did Dr Sadao help the prisoner of war to escape ? What human values do you find in his act / Work ?


How did Dr Sadao rise above narrow prejudice of race and country for assisting a human being in need ? Discuss.


Why and how did Dr Sadao help the prisoner of war escape ?

Answer – As a doctor, Dr. Sadao was not trained to let a man die if he could help it. And that was what he did.  Sadao and his wife, Hana had found that man in a very bad state on the sea beach ( समुंद्री किनारा ). He was badly injured ( घायल होना). Sadao saw that the white man was an American prisoner ( कैदी) of war who had escaped.

It was a grave crime to give shelter to enemy ( दुश्मन ) soldier. And Dr Sadao didn’t want to help him. But at the same time, he couldn’t avoid ( अनदेखा करना)  his duty as a doctor. So Sadao took the man to his house and did all that he could do to save his life. During that whole period, he never forgot that the man was an enemy ( दुश्मन ). Dr. Sadao even thought of handing him over to the police, but couldn’t do so.

Questions From the Story The Enemy by Pearl S. Buck

Sadao was certain that he and his wife would kill him. He was in a fix what to do. At last, he adopted /got ( ग्रहण करना ) the path ( रास्ता ) that could be the best under such circumstances ( परिस्थितियाँ ). He helped the man to escape in a boat. Thus Sadao got rid of the enemy ( दुश्मन ) without having him ( the enemy ) killed.

In doing so, Dr Sadao rose above narrow prejudice ( द्वेष  ) of caste ( जाति ) and country and worked in a humanitarian (  मानवतावादी ) path ( रास्ता ).

Question :- 2 Who was Dr. Sadao ? Where was his house ?

Answer – Dr. Sadao was a famous Japanese doctor and scientist. His house was on a place of the Japanese sea coast where as a little boy he used to play. He had built his house upon rocks. The man was seen with bent pines ( name of trees ).

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