Famous Countries, Capitals, Currency and their Languages

For the candidates of the Written Tests for Recruitment exams and Competitive exams and also for the students of any of classes, it is necessary to learn the capitals of some of the famous countries, their currency and the official language  of the concerned country. Here we are providing you the capitals, currency and languages of the concerned countries.

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List of Famous Countries, Capitals, Currency and their languages -

Name of CountriesCapitalCurrencyOfficial Language
AustraliaCanberraAustralian DollarEnglish
ArgentinaBuenos AiresPesoSpanish
 Bhutan Thimphu Ngultrum/ Indian Rupee  Dongarva Nepali
 Japan  Tokyo Yen Japanese
 Kenya Nairobi Shilling English/ Swahili
 Italy Rome Euro Italian
 Russia Moscow Ruble Russian
NepalKathmanduNepali RupeeNepali
PeruLimaSolSpanish/ Aymara/ Quechua
Hungary BudapestHungarian ForintHungarian

Some more countries and their capitals and currency along with the official languages

South Korea - The capital is Seoul and the currency is South Korean Won. The Official language is Korean.

North Korea - It's capital is Pyongyang. The currency is North Korean Won and the official language is Korean.

Mauritius - The capital is Port Luis and the currency is Rupee. The chief languages are English/ French/ Hindustani

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Norway - Capital is Oslo - Currency is Norwegian Crone - Languages are Norwegian, Nynorsk, Bokmal

Netherlands - Amsterdam is the capital. The currency is Euro and the languages spoken are Dutch, Frisian and Papiamento

Afghanistan - Capital - Kabul, Currency is Afghani and the languages are Pashto and Dari

Poland - Capital is Warsaw - Currency is Polish Zloty and the capital of Poland is Polish

We shall update this post with more names of the countries along with capitals, currency and Languages. If you find any mistake here, you can point out that in the Comment box below.

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