11 Common Mistakes of English Language Students & People Often Make

There is no doubt that no body is perfect in any of the languages of the world. And especially using foreign language, we are prone to make a no of mistakes. However, we should be large-hearted to admit our mistakes and correct them.

As far as English is concerned, some students and people make some basic mistakes which they correct if they pay a bit of heed.  As a teacher of this language I have found some the following mistakes they commit. I hope after reading this page, they shall stop committing these English language Errors.

Common Errors Rules

Ten Common English Mistakes People make –

Mistake 1. They start the names of the persona and cities with small letters –

I like john ( John)

He went to agra last year. ( Agra)

The names of anything else must begin with capital letters.

Mistake 2. The same mistake they commit while writing the surnames –

Rudra gupta

Gupta is a surname and must begin with capital letter.

Mistake 3. Superfluous use of prepositions with some verbs –

He reached at the station on time.

I ordered for a cup of time.

China attacked on India in 1962.

The verbs reach, order, attack, resemble etc don’t take prepositions with them. Read complete Rules of Prepositions from here.

Common English Errors

Mistake 4. I returned back immediately.

The use of back with return is superfluous.

Mistake 5. Confusion between the sentences of Present / Past continuous with the passive voice of Present/ Past Indefinite –

  • The patient was taking ( somebody) to the hospital – रोगी हस्पताल लेकर जा रहा था।
  • The patient was taken to the hospital ( by somebody)  – रोगी को हस्पताल ले जाया गया।
  • I am helping ( someone) – मैं मदद कर रहा हूँ।
  • I am helped ( by someone) – मेरी मदद की जाती है।

Learn Tenses from here

Mistake 6 – They use apostrophe (‘) in Yours –

Your’s faithfully instead of Yours faithfully

Mistake 7 – To begin the letter they use comma (,) after To –


The Principal

There shall not be any comma after To here.

Mistake 8 – They make the paras in a Paragraph Composition. If you write a paragraph, you can’t make paras. A Paragraph is a short composition with one para.

Mistake 9 – Starting a sentence with Myself when giving Introduction –
Myself is John.

No sentence begins with myself like this. Instead use My name is John/ I am John.

Read – How to introduce myself ?

Mistake 10 – Superfluous use of morning/ evening/ night with A.M and P.M

  • He gets up at 7 a.m. in the morning. ( No Need of in the morning phrase)
  • We go to bed at 10 p.m. at night. ( At night is superfluous)
  • He reached here at 12:00 noon. ( No need of 12:00, only noon is sufficient)

Mistake 11 – Not using apostrophe s ( ‘s) in the following possession showing sentences –

  • My father name ( father’s name)
  • My sister book ( my sister’s book)

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