A Report on Ban on Polythene Bags – For Board Classes

There may be a report/paragraph/essay in board as well as in non-board exams with the titles ” Say No to Polythene Bags or Ban on the use of Polythene Bags etc. This report may be helpful for the board examinees. So get ready to prepare it from below

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A Report on Ban on Polythene Bags

Say No to Polythene Bags

A Report

Last week, the Environment Awareness Club of our school initiated Say No to Polythene Bag campaign in the school campus. The main objective of this campaign was to make students and people aware of the bad effect of polythene bags on environment, human beings and animals.

The S.D.M. of the city led the campaign. Besides there were many elite members of society who had come to give their tremendous support to this programme. The campaign carried many an activity. As usual the programme started with the motivational and informative lecture from our Principal.

He apprised the people gathered there of the hazardous effect of the use of Polythene bags. He said that polythene is bio-non-degradable product and can’t be eliminated without damaging the environment.

When eatables are carried in them, the chemicals used to make them get mixed with them. So polythene bags make the food items poisonous. If the animals chew them, they go to their abdomen and cause them severe pain and most of the time become a strong reason for their deaths.

He further added that polythene bags cause drainage problem and make the city ugly. The 80% of the total garbage is made of polythene bags.

The Chief Guest also enlightened the people about drawbacks of the use of poly-bags. Besides agreeing with the Principal about the hazardous caused by polythene bags, he preferred to tell their substitutes.

He said that instead of these plastic bags, people must use bags made of cloth, paper and jute. He admitted that law couldn’t do much in that regard, the ban must come from within. Then the Chief Guest administered the oath to the people that they would not use poly-bags.

Students took out a rally carrying placards with various slogans in the city. There was enthusiasm among them and the people of the city. It seemed to be a very successful campaign.

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