How to Write Reports ? – Tips & Important Reports for all Exams

Reports/ Paragraphs/ Essays are the main part of any exam. In this post we shall discuss as to how students can write/ prepare reports for their board and non-board classes.

Important Reports/Paragraphs for Board and non- board classes below –

Writing reports on various events/ incidents requires a great communication skills. Besides you must have great skills in writing. In lower class exams, the students are to write reports in 100 to 120 words.

In higher classes, word limit increases to 150 to 200. The reports are written for a school magazine or a newspaper on some event/ particular moment that has ever happened .

We are providing you some tips/ points you must keep in mind while preparing a report. Besides some imp. points, we shall provide some important reports.

Main Points/ Tips for Writing a Report –

a. Report should be original. It is a first hand information about an incident, occurrence or event.

b. As you are describing the happenings/ past events, the tense must be of past.

c. A report should be clear and to the point. The focus must only be on the main event. Sometimes it becomes very necessary to give a background of the event to help the readers to understand it.

d. The reporter must avoid the use of exaggerations and superfluous matter.

e. In general reports are meant for school magazines, the reporter can use 1st person. But in the news reports, the writer must avoid the use of 1st person. Such reports must have 3rd person narration.

f. The title of the report should be very effective. The main words should be written in capital letters. For example – How I Enjoyed Myself in a Marriage Party ?

g. At the end of the report write down your name with designation/ class and roll no.

h. In the end, enclose the report in a box.

Some Important Reports / Paragraphs for 9th to 12th classes

A Blood Donation Camp

Annual Prize Distribution Function

A Scene at the Railway Station

My Aim in Life

Value of Games

A Visit to a Zoo

A Visit to Museum

How We Celebrated Diwali in our School

Say ” No ” to Polythene Bags

A Visit to a Hill Station

Golden Jubilee Haryana Day Function in My School

Cleanliness Drive in Your School – Swachh Bharat Swasth Bharat

My First Day in a New School

Independence Day Celebration in My School

Republic Day Celebration

Holi Function Celebration

Inter-school Cricket Competition

Golden Jubilee Function of Haryana

Teachers’ Day Celebration in my School

You can also send us the reports/paragraphs on any of the topics via comment box below. Thanks

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