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A Visit to a Museum

A Report

Visits are always beautiful and fill a person’s mind with joy and enthusiasm. But if that visit is educational, learning based, that provides us invaluable knowledge as well. Last week, our school also arranged such a visit. We went to a Museum located in the Canal Rest House in Binjhol, 5 km away from the main area of Panipat. We reached at 9:00 am but its opening timing was 10:00 am. So we had to wait for an hour.

There was the entry fee of Rs 10/-per candidate. However, there was some discount for the students. Panipat Museum is one of the most famous places of historical collections. We find here the relics of three battles of Panipat which had significant role in shaping the history of India.

Here we saw photographs collected from Victoria and Albert Museum of London, National Museum Delhi and British Library. Besides we saw the replicas of artifacts, coins, weapons, potteries chiefly donated by Dept of Archeology and Museums of Haryana.

In addition, we also got the chance to view tradition and culture of ancient Haryana. After spending two hours, we came out of the Museum. We also took our lunch in the hotel outside. It was certainly a memorable and knowledgeable visit. The things we had seen there are still fresh in our memories.

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