Should Haryana TET (HTET) be for lifetime? Read an Opinion

The Process of Recruiting Post Graduate Teachers for various Subjects is on this time in Haryana. HSSC is calling the aspirants at its headquarters for documents verification. Some of those who have got their documents checked have come across shocking revelation.

Their STET ( State Teachers’ Eligibility Test) is described as outdated. According to the concerned clerks there, STET was invalid because it was outdated. With sympathetic smile, they even gave a piece of advice to the candidates saying they should have tried latest HTET.

When these wretched candidates had applied for the post in 2014, nobody had told them that they were ineligible. When they again applied for the same post after re-advertisement, nobody had told them that they were ineligible. The commission even issued them admit cards for the Screening Test. Even these ignorant candidates took the test.

After the test, they kept waiting for the result. The result came in the form of documents scrutiny. The commission called all the candidates to Panchkula. The commission didn’t publish any notification in any of the newspapers that so-called STET candidates must not reach there as they were ineligible.

When these unlucky fellows reached the venue, they felt the real jolt. The concerned officials there didn’t take more than a couple of minutes saying that the candidates carrying STET were not eligible. Now there are a few questions rising in the mind of the blogger. He wants the answer of them.

HTET like NET must be for Lifetime

Why should HTET ( old STET) be valid for Five years only ? Why are after the five years the candidates ineligible for jobs in Haryana ? Should they keep taking it after every five years ? Will they have the same energy and memory to clear the eligibility test at the age of 40 as they had at the age of 25 when they had first taken it?

If NET is for lifetime, why not HTET ? If STET was for lifetime in the beginning, what forced the same govt to reduce its timing to five years ? And if it was necessary to limit the age of HTET, why didn’t the candidates possessing STET get the opportunity from the date of notification ( from 2011) ?

If STET possessing candidates are invalid, how did the people in the previous recruitment got jobs only on the basis of experience without having any TET, valid or invalid ? Also if the unemployed youth will have to prove themselves for their eligibility, why have the govt employees got the immunity? Must they not clear the test after every five years? Is it only Govt job that makes you permanently eligible ?

Private Candidates’ Plight

HTET > Screening Test > Interview > Not Selected > Again HTET > Again Screening Test > Then again Interview > Not Selected > Overage

When will the governments stop playing with the hapless unemployed youth ? What are you doing ? If once eligible, forever eligible. Now it’s your duty to provide employment before the HTET gets expired. Don’t harass the youth.

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