Should Reservation be continued or scrapped? Read why

The whole of Gujarat is brewing up in the inferno of the Reservation. The Patel-community led-by twenty two year old Hardik Patel is demanding reservation under OBC Quota. Consequently the clash is inevitable between the state Govt and the protesters.

Use of conjunctions – Practice sets with solutions

We are providing you two exercises of Conjunctions with solutions. They may help you learning the rules of Conjunctions. Fill in the blanks with correct conjunctions given in brackets : 1. You will pass………you work hard. (but/if/so) Ans. if 2.

Education System – India must learn from Other Countries

These days there is much talk about improving the education system in India. Actually this old system has hollowed the actual teaching and learning in India. There are various reports in the papers that Indian Graduates are not competent for

How to receive Board Exam Results ? – Do Read

This is the time of board results. All the state boards and Central Boards are declaring or are ready to declare the Results of the board Classes (10th and 12th) almost every day. The students are getting good marks, there

Make Education Real and Practical – Students

In India, education has become a matter of more formality than its being practical and real. Every student feels that there is no real learning in education. There are many things where students learn nothing but tactics to get only

Why to charge more fees for Re-evaluation and Rechecking ?

As most of the Educational boards have released their results, the students are involved in further processes. Results of most of the boards have been abysmal. Most of them have produced only around 50% results. It means around half of

Should Haryana TET (HTET) be for lifetime? Read an Opinion

The Process of Recruiting Post Graduate Teachers for various Subjects is on this time in Haryana. HSSC is calling the aspirants at its headquarters for documents verification. Some of those who have got their documents checked have come across shocking

3 Reasons Why do Girls outdo Boys in Board Results?

Almost all the board results have been declared by the concerned boards. The students have many reasons to smile here – as some may have obtained good marks, others must have cleared the big obstacle of his/her life and so

Education – Syllabus Covering or Learning or Marks

Education is the most civilized tool in the hands of a civilized person. Educated person is respected everywhere in society. That’s why everybody wishes to be educated. For that he goes to educational institutions such as schools, colleges, universities. He

Should Haryana School Guest Teachers go or not ?

Haryana Govt had appointed a few thousands Guest Teachers around 10 or 12 years ago. There was no fixed criteria for recruiting the guest teachers then. These teachers were appointed as per the vacant seats in the concerned schools. There