12th Toppers’ Stigma on Bihar Board – Shame on Education System

Bihar Education Board has once again become the butt of laughter for the people of the country. Always notorious for poor show during Board Exams, Bihar Board has once again proved that things in Bihar, as far as education system is concerned is faulty, is incorrigible. Written Exams for both 10th and 12th were held successfully and the Bihar Board Officials must have heaved a sigh of relief.

When the Results were declared, it must have been a celebration time for them. But nobody knew that things would change so suddenly when everything looked OK. Interviews of the Toppers and the reality came to the fore.

Toppers of 10+2 science could not say anything about science and Arts topper could not pronounce Political Science what to speak of saying something about the subject in which she has left all the students of the state behind. Even the students must have never thought they would be exposed in that way.

Toppers have topped in Cheating in Bihar

But this is not the fault of these toppers. We have noticed the sorry state of education in the state in the past also. Media has also revealed shocking facts regarding the teaching and the teachers in the state. Even teachers teaching English could not pronounce names of Days properly. So how can you expect a student, even if she is a topper, to pronounce Political Science which is a bit more difficult if we observe the vowel sounds in it.

WE can’t blame only Bihar for this poor show or deteriorating condition of education. This is the case of all the states and boards. In CBSE more than one lac students took 10 CGPA ( Full Grade) and most of whom I know were not worthy of that. Unexpected things happen when Board Results come. Most of the good students fare badly and vice-versa.

2019 Bihar 2019 Intermediate Result

Poor system of Selection of teachers, faulty way of teaching by so-called teachers, main focus on examination and marks and cramming being a main tool etc have caused complete damage to it. These students have got highest marks in Bihar, may be not because of their knowledge, may be it is because they might be good at cramming.

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