Education System – India must learn from Other Countries

These days there is much talk about improving the education system in India. Actually this old system has hollowed the actual teaching and learning in India. There are various reports in the papers that Indian Graduates are not competent for getting jobs in the private sector.

Education System

They lack basic skills required for that job. Teachers lack knowledge in their own subjects. English teachers can’t speak a few sentences in English. What can we expect from the students taught by them ? 8th or 10th class students can’t write their names in their vernacular what to speak of English.

Students who have been learning English for the last 10 or 15 years cut sorry figure when they are told to utter a few words of English to introduce themselves.

Now the ways are being devised to make it effective and Indian Govt is also not hesitating from taking help from the other countries. Recently Our PM Mr Modi visited China and did some agreements with some of the universities there. Then the ex-HRD Minister Smriti Irani followed suit. She also interacted with her Chinese Counterpart and also with the noted educationists there.

Now the question is as to why we are looking towards China for education. Where are we lagging behind ? Unlike China the main focus in India is on cramming not on learning. Instead of human beings who are intelligent and sensitive, we produce parrots.

For example we have been learning English for last 300 years, still there is no English in India whereas in China they are being taught English for not very long time and you can see their grip over this language. On some News channel some time back, there was the comparison between the education systems of both the countries. Again unlike China, there was no basic facility and infrastructure.

We don’t have labs and every thing is theoretical here, on the other hand there is nothing theoretical there. Even in the govt schools the students are provided with the kits carrying apparatus regarding Physics, Chemistry etc.

They are made to do experiments in the labs. In India first of all there are not experiments and if there are one or two in the whole year, there is just formality. Students never come to know what they have done. In India, students, teachers, parents see only marks. Marks are the only criteria for intelligence. For that there is much use of unfair means.

Schools and parents avail their whole force for the students during the exams to get positions or distinctions. Students come to school for marks, teachers teach only for marks. Where is the education ? Without any knowledge students obtain cent percent marks. Students who have got them are surprised and the teachers who have taught them are surprised ! Sign of worst education system in the world.

So we have a long way to go in improving and overhauling the education system in India and there should not be any shy in receiving lessons from China and other countries of the world.

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