How should students study in this scorching heat ? – Some Tips

There is scorching heat all round the country and even other countries also. It is felt that the efficiency of doing work gets weaker during the summer season. The reason is that the energy is sapped by the sizzling weather. Everybody likes to sit idle in his cool den and shirk from work. This happens with the students also.

Summer with scorching heat is not limited to some countries only, it has made its way to countries which were considered very cold and the summer would mean to them just 7 to 10 degree Celsius.

Now these countries like UK, USA, Australia along with South Asian Countries and African countries are reeling under scorching heat. Now we are giving some tips that may help the students from very hot countries like India to be cool while doing studies in the schools, colleges and at homes as well.

How to do studies during the hottest seasons ?

At present the temperature in India is soaring very high with the mercury is touching the 47 or 48 degree Celsius mark. So it is very necessary for the students to be cautious in the season. They can follow the given instructions to escape from this heat and do their studies comfortably.

Morning is the best schedule for studying –

Early morning is the coolest time during summer. So for studies also this is the best time. So get up as early as possible. If you get up at 5 am, you can do a lot of studies in the morning. But for that you will have to sleep earlier. In this way you can give two or more hours in the morning and remember these two hours are equal to 4 hrs in the evening when the mind is so tired. When you get up, the morning is fresh and pleasant. So avail this time.

Do a bit of Yoga or Morning walk –

Just take out 10 or 15 minutes for Yoga or morning walk in the morning. So after getting fresh, do some yoga at the terrace of your home or take a brief walk there. It will keep you fresh, enhance your memory and help you fighting the scorching heat all the day.

Don’t take spicy food, take balanced diet with more and more liquid –

Food plays a very important place in our day to day activity and it becomes more important during summer. Take nutritious food. Avoid spicy junk food. Consume more and more water, juice etc. Also avoid tea or coffee. They may cause abdominal problems and keep you lazy all the day.

Take some siesta in the afternoon time –

Afternoon rest is must for keeping your body and mind fresh. Take siesta and enjoy more fresh evening.

Study during late hours of evening –

Start your studies after 5 in the evening. Avoid going to coaching centres during this time. Try to study at home. After every 40 minutes take a gap of five minutes. Drink water in that gap and take a light walk within the home. Remember, avoid afternoon time for extensive studies.

Avoid watching much TV –

Don’t watch TV longer. Instead play some game or just listen to music.

Avoid jeans and thick stuff –

Wear light clothes at home. Don’t wear jeans or related clothes. Remain cool and relaxed.

So use these tips and enjoy your summer with your studies. But it is also suggested to curtail your study hours during the summer time to get more output.

Ask coaching centres to adjust time in the early morning time or late evening time –

This is the best schedule for taking coaching. You should feel active at the centres. This time you will not yawn.

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