Effective Tips to Write Better Academic Essays

Essays are short pieces of writing frequently used in the academic environment. They are non-fiction genre of writing that is called to discuss, compare, or defend certain points of view or issues. Other essays are made to persuade the reader,

How to ensure the success in IES exam?

How Should You Ensure Your Success In The IES Exam? Here are some tips from ExamWeb Team to help you crack this UPSC Examination. IES exam is a highly specialized type of exam going with the motto to choose the

HSSC Exams Preparation Tips - How to Prepare Haryana Job Exams

Preparation tips HSSC recruitment exam 2021-2022-2023 - Some useful tips - Important links below - These days HSSC is bringing out many jobs via many advertisements. Recruitment notices are coming out almost everyday. It is very hard to crack these

Success Mantras - Golden Steps for Sure Success

We are living in a world of Cut-throat Competition. Everybody is striving hard to outshine others to get success in the respective field. Getting success has become the only goal for all the people. They are craving to get it

How to write Messages - Tips and Practice Sample

Learn how to prepare messages - For Classes ( 11th ) HBSE/ CBSE in simple English - Tips/ Points for message writing - Sample Conversation ahead - Message is a short composition in which one person gives full information to

Photography Courses, Career, Institutions

Career, Courses, Institutes for Photography Photography has become a big career option for the youth these days. The youth have adopted it not only as a career but also as a hobby. Now it is not an offbeat career as

Notes Making - How to make notes for Board Exams ?

Notes-Making is one of the types of Comprehension. This topic is included in the  curriculum of 11th and 12th classes. The purpose of including this topic is to check the comprehension power of the students and the ability to make

How to clear HCS - Help to Clear Haryana Civil Services

HCS Written Exam Tips/ Interview HCS ( Haryana Civil Services ) is one of the biggest exams of Haryana. Thousands of candidates aspire to crack it. Even those who are preparing for IAS try for it. Everybody has different reasons

How to Improve English Pronunciation - Some Tips

Having good Pronunciation in English has become a big challenge for the Indian Youth these days. India is multilingual country. Besides there are  no. of Dialects spoken every where. So it is but natural that these local languages and dialects

How to Score Good Marks in CBSE Class 8th Maths?

Mathematics is considered a nightmare among the students preparing for Class 8th CBSE examinations. Whereas some of the students who love to play with numbers take mathematics as fun. Good grades aren’t a problem but scoring better grades requires a

How to make your child focus on studies ? - Some Tips

Does your child run away from studies ? Is he/she a shirker who dislikes books ? Does he/she not take interest in his/her studies properly and keep sitting lazily ? Is he/she lost while studying ? Does the teacher complain

Learn to fight from IAS Topper Ira Singhal - Some Tips

Yes, Ira Singhal has done it. She has topped IAS - India's biggest Civil Services Exam. A girl, Physically challenged, in the eyes of others has challenged the others and then defeated them only through her super human hard work,

10 Preparation Tips for IAS Exam ? - Buy Good Books

Planning to take Indian Administrative Services Exams and don't know how to start ?  Don't worry. Here we will give you some sure tips which will certainly help you in getting cosy with it. Truly IAS is considered one the

How to Prepare for IAS Exam? - Useful Tips

The preparation of IAS exam should be explanatory. IAS is a civil service exam conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) every year. The intention to conduct IAS exam is to recruit the candidates for various Civil Services of the

How to remove Exam Pressure - Some Useful Tips

Enjoy Exam Time following tips - Avoid/ remove Stress that time Exam time - time of strain and continuous hard work. Hard work round the clock without rest and entertainment. Quite boring, but can't leave studies. Parents' emotional burden for

How to make an Effective/ Good Speech ? - Ten Tips

Tips for you for making Good/ Effective Speech Making Speech is an art. It requires more skills, courage and a lot of confidence to make the effective speech that can impress the audience. Everybody wants to be a speaker like

Learn English just in one Hour - See How ?

Learning English has become a Herculean Task for a no of students belonging to backward areas. Despite their head and shoulder efforts, they find themselves standing nowhere as far as the competence and performance in this King's English is concerned.

Tips, Important Questions for CTET - How to Prepare ?

Last Minute Tips for CTET Exam - Important Questions for Central Test for Teaching Jobs - Prepare for Sept 2018 Test Central Teachers' Eligibility Test ( CTET ) is the much-sought Test for the people who wish to become the