HSSC Interview Tips – How to prepare for HSSC Interviews

Written Exams and Interviews are the constant process by Haryana Service Commission. Almost every Saturday and Sunday, the commission conducts the written exam for various posts. Those who clear the written test have to face the interview by the interview panel.

Though for Grade C and D post, the central and state governments have banned, yet there are interviews for various posts.
In this article, we are giving you some tips to face and clear interviews. We hope that this article shall be very helpful for the candidates.

Language of the Interview –

The candidates have the option to choose either of the languages Hindi or English if not facing interview for any teaching subject. In particular case, they will have to choose the language of the subject. Otherwise, the language can be either in which they feel comfortable.

Knowledge of Haryana and Concerned District –

In the interview, the interviewers check the knowledge of the candidates of the state and concerned district. Therefore, they must have complete Knowledge of Haryana and the respective district. Some questions may be –

Who is the commissioner of your district ?

There may be questions related with diary in Karnal or universities in Hisar or Kurukushetra. They may also ask about the tradition and culture of the our state. You must also know about the MLAs and Ministers of the state. Besides there may be questions about the local officials. In addition, have proper knowledge of Haryanvi Literature and language.

Have proper knowledge about Current Affairs of the State –

You are expected to know about the Current Affairs of the state. For that read news papers on daily basis. There may be a few questions related with daily events in the state.

Most important thing is the confidence the candidates must have in themselves. Think you are the best. So knowledge and confidence will make your interview the best.

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