How to Score Good Marks in CBSE Class 8th Maths?

Mathematics is considered a nightmare among the students preparing for Class 8th CBSE examinations. Whereas some of the students who love to play with numbers take mathematics as fun. Good grades aren’t a problem but scoring better grades requires a proper commitment.

Mathematics isn’t any language subject, it is completely based on numbers. You either get the answer right or wrong, which brings you the possibility of scoring full marks in this subject. Preparing right can surely help you in getting full marks in Maths subject.

class 8th math preparation tips

Mathematics isn’t a subject which can be learned overnight and gained success. It is a subject which helps in developing rational thinking and a logical approach among the students. To maintain your game and stay on the top in the competition, scroll down below to check out the preparation tips of Class 8 Mathematics.

Class 8 Mathematics Chapter-wise Weightage

Below you can go through the chapter-wise weightage of Class 8 Mathematics, to determine the level of focus to be stressed on each topic:

Chapter Marks weightage (in
Rational Numbers 08
Linear Equations in One Variable 10
Understanding Quadrilaterals 13
Practical Geometry 08
Data Handling 11
Squares and Square Roots 12
Cubes and Cube Roots 06
Comparing Quantities 16
Algebraic Expressions and Identities 12
Visualizing Solid Shapes 07
Mensuration 15
Exponents and Powers 06
Direct and Inverse Proportions 08
Factorization 12
Introduction to Graphs 12
Playing with Numbers 10

Tips to Score Better in Class 8 Mathematics

Before you start preparing for CBSE Class 8th Mathematics exam, make sure you are well aware with all the basics and shortcuts i.e. square roots, cube roots & tables etc. Getting mastery over the basics can help you understand the concepts better and improve your score in the exam.

1. Get familiar with BODMAS: Make sure you are aware of the BODMAS rule as it holds the key to the correct answer. BODMAS is the acronym stands for Bracket of Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction. If the basics are in place, then it will be easy for you to solve the problems and save time in the exam.

Tips to get Success

2. Make List of Important Concepts: While preparing NCERT Mathematics for Class 8, you should prepare a list of important concepts, formulas, shortcuts and more. This will enable you to struggle less and solve the problems with ease.

3. Practice: As we know, practice is the only key to success to score good marks in any exam. Therefore, make sure you practice the chapter-wise questions well with the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths. As CBSE follows NCERT pattern, which makes it necessary to complete NCERT on priority basis and then further move on to other practice sets.

4. Previous Year papers: Once you are done with NCERT, do refer to the previous year question papers. Since CBSE follows an almost similar pattern in the exams, therefore solving previous year papers will help you in knowing the types of questions along with the difficulty level being asked in the exam. Practicing previous year papers will help you prepare yourself in creating a smart strategy can be applied while appearing for the Class 8 CBSE exam.

5. Analyze your preparation: Only preparing and practicing papers is not enough to score good grades in the CBSE exam, analyzing your performance is also needed. Analyzing your preparation on a regular basis will help you improve your weak areas and crack the exam with ease. All your doubts would also be cleared regarding certain topics.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

While preparing for CBSE Class 8 Mathematics, make sure you do not attempt the following common mistakes are usually done by the students.

  • Do not skip any topic, consisting fewer marks/weightage of Mathematics Class 8, as every
    topic is important to score good marks.
  • Never attempt the doubtful questions, where you are not clear with the concepts as it will
    consume your time and will result you with nothing.
  • Students usually read the question paper in a hurry while attempting the exam, make
    sure you read it carefully and also avoid guesswork in the exam.

Follow this approach and prepare well for CBSE Class 8 Mathematics Exam. Remembering the above-mentioned tips and avoiding the common mistakes will definitely help you to get good grades in the CBSE Class 8 Mathematics exam.

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