CBSE, HBSE 12th Class Chemistry Important Questions

Important Questions/ Material/ Guess for CBSE/ HBSE ( Haryana Board ) March Exams

With two or three months left for the 12th Board Exams, the students are becoming impatient for the Most Expected Questions that can appear in the exam and help them in getting more and more marks. ( Read from here how to get more than 90% Marks ).

They are covering the whole syllabus and taking coaching of some difficult subjects especially of science like Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, English, Accountancy etc. But the main focus is on the important questions. Here we are providing you some of the most Expected Questions of Chemistry for the Board exams by CBSE, HBSE and other State Boards.

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CBSE / HBSE 12th Chemistry Most Expected Questions

Q. 1. Write preparation of an alcohol from ( i ) carboxylic acid and ( ii ) primary amine

Q. 2. What is peptide linking ? Explain the secondary structure of proteins.

Q. 3. Write the chemical equation each to represent :

a. Kolbe’s Reaction
b. Hydroboration Oxidation
c. Williamson’s Synthesis

Q. 4. What is lanthanoid contraction ? What are its consequences ?

Q. 5. What is the importance of Amino Acids to us ?

Q. 6. How is the basic strength of aromatic amines affected by the presence of an electron releasing group on the benzene ring ?

Q. 7. Give a brief account of the following reactions –

a. Finkelstein Reaction b. Haloform Reaction

c. Iodoform Test d. Reimer Tiemann Reaction

Q. 8. What are the monomers of nylon 6, 6 ?

Q. 9. Draw Structure of Amylose.

Q. 10. Draw structure of Lactose

Q. 11. Differentiate between addition and condensation polymerization. Give two examples each.

Q. 12. Why aldehydes are more reactive than ketones ?

Q. 13. Explain bonding in co-ordination compounds with the help of valence bond theory.

Q. 14. How will you prepare phenol from a- Haloarenes b – Diazonium salts c. cumene

Q. 15. Why are alcohols weaker than acids than water ?

Q. 16. What is a transient elements ? Give two examples.

We shall update this post with more 12th  Chemistry questions in future. So keep coming.

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