How to teach English in Indian Schools to improve its standard?

Everybody is talking about the poor standard of English Learning and Teaching in Indian Schools, especially in Govt Schools. Everybody is coming out with unique ideas to reform this system. We have also felt the urge of becoming the part of this movement of selling ideas free of cost.

Yeah it’s sad to see the miserable plight of this invaluable commodity called English. This language called English has stayed with us for more than Four centuries. The language has become the constant part of Indian Educational Curriculum and it can boast of being the language of the educated circle in India.

But still the people have the loose grip over this language and make them the butt of laughter every now and then. Even the Teachers of English are unable to speak and understand, think about the students they teach. It means the problem has its root at the basic level. Let us discuss some steps which may improve the condition of English in the schools.

a. Recruit Competent and Passionate Teachers –

This is the first and foremost thing to do in this direction. Teachers are appointed through a faulty method of Recruitment. Just formality is done in their selection. Deserving candidates don’t get selected and they are left for the Private institutions only.

Main criteria for selection – Marks in the qualifying Degree and Written Objective Type Question Paper. No test for speaking, writing etc.

The Written Tests and the Interviews are just the formalities. Spoken English is rarely checked during the interviews. There should be the recording of the whole interview process to bring transparency in the system. Only Competent and Passionate Teachers must be selected.

This bogus interview system has caused the biggest corruption in the recruitment system. Here works money.

How to Teach English in the Classes –

More focus must be on Listening activity. It must be followed by Speaking one. Teachers must no do any formality in teaching it. It means there should be real learning and teaching.

Giving Motivation – Keep giving motivation to the learners. Set yourself as an example. Speak in English with them. Make them Listen, Speak, Write in a free environment.

By Improving the Level of Education at PG/ M.Phil/ PhD Levels

You can get these degrees from some of the universities without attending any class by paying money. There are study-centers from where these degrees can be obtained without being bothered about the exam and marks.

During the Exam you can get the material and you have just to copy it. In the name of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, the marks are being distributed among the students as a result the degrees are loosing their sheen.

These candidates who obtain 70-80 percent in PG Course/ M.Phil and Ph.D lag behind their counterparts who have managed to get only 50 or 55% marks as they have pursued them from some really good institutions. They suffer and as a result the education system suffer.

That’s why no competent teachers, no quality education. Therefore no English Listening and Speaking. Just Formalities of Reading and Writing.

We must emulate China, Japan and other eastern countries where English language is a new-comer and people  have learnt it in a far better way.

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