How to learn Spoken English - Some Tips

Now-a-days there is much craze among the youngsters to learn English Speaking. But we don't say that it is just because of craze and hobby they wish to learn speaking this wonderful language. Due to globalization and Modi govt Slogan called Make in India, the importance of English has increased by leaps and bounds.

Therefore the youngsters are running from pillar to post so that they may get somebody's help in getting fluency. Here we are offering some of the tips which may help you acquiring that fluency which you really need.

We believe in the natural method in learning Spoken English. If you have a good memory you must go back in to your deep past when you were just a kid of 3 or 4. In that age you had learnt your mother tongue, we assume here that most of us had our mother tongues as Hindi or Urdu or Punjabi or any of the Indian Languages.

We learnt that language at that stage without seeing the face of the school. But as for English, after whiling away years on learning this language we are unable to use it. Why ? Have ever thought so ?

Let's discuss some of the points as to why it happened that you learnt your mother tongue whatsoever it was in a very short span of time and why it was impossible for you to learn English after so much effort.

Steps to Learn Spoken English :

Listening and then Speaking :

Listening is the first step of learning any of the languages of the world. You had also listened to your mother tongue from your parents or neighbors or friends. So if you want to learn spoken English, listen to the people who are speaking in this language. You can listen to the news channels or you can watch English Movies. In the beginning you may have some problem, but gradually but surely you will  overcome this hurdle. Listening shall also improve your English Pronunciation.

Speak as much possible :

Listening will help you in speaking. Listen and then respond, this is how you had learnt your mother tongue. Don't care about the mistakes as every body does so while learning any of the languages what to speak of English. Enjoy speaking this Language. The more you expose to this English, the more confidence and proficiency you shall get.

Reading is an Important thing here -

Reading shall provide you good vocabulary and the proper usage of it as well as grammatical structure. You get ideas from reading. So read anything that is close to your heart. Read news-papers, novels, short-stories etc.

Practice in groups -

Make groups of your friends. Involve only those people in the group who are quite interested in learning spoken English. Practice of speaking in the group. Undergo some debate. Share news items with each other. Simulate interview-like situation and so on.

Practice Alone -

If you find that no one is there with whom you can speak in English, practice alone. Always believe in the saying "Something is better than nothing"or Necessity is the mother of invention. Read something and then repeat that as if you were reading a report to someone. Make speeches on current topics imagining crowd in front of you. You can simulate the Interview situation. Imagine yourself a film star and ask yourself questions and then reply yourself. You are the film star and you are the interviewer. Talk with walls and your furniture. Take them for human beings. Make them your friends.

Try some translation method for speaking -

You find most of the people are speaking in local languages. There are programmes on TV in vernaculars. Here also you can be benefited. For sometime you can translate that language in to the target language i.e. English in you mind. It will help you a lot in learning spoken English.

Be Crazy/ Be Mad about your passion-

You must have passion for learning Spoken English. Give your maximum. If people start calling you mad, it means you are on the right track, take it as a good compliment. Without getting crazy about anything, you can't learn anything. We had one friend in our college.

He had great passion for English. He would start speaking with anybody whom he came across. All the students started calling him mad as there was no environment for speaking of English language in some small town of Haryana. But he continued with that madness and pursued his MBA and got job in some MNC.

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So try these points and see the result for yourself. In our next blog we will discuss some more points regarding English Speaking.

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