Educational Qualification of Salman Khan, Tendulkar, Kaitrina

The fans are always curious to know the educational status of their stars. Not only education, they wish to get information about each and every aspect of their life. Here, you shall be astonished to know that most of them like Sachin Tendulkar, Salman Khan, Kaitrina Kaif, Steve Jobs, are almost just educated.

Here we are giving you the details of the Educational qualification of these big stars. It doesn’t mean they were not good at studies and that’s why they had to leave their studies in the lurch. They had passions, determination which cause them to leave their studies.

Salman Khan –

First of all, we shall talk about the education of the Sultan of Bollywood ( Salman Khan ). He had craze for the studies and therefore, he studied only up to 12th and then moved towards acting school.

Sachin Tendulkar –

God of cricket for Indians and qualification only up to 10th. Quite surprised ! He had only seen cricket in his life. Cricket was everything for him. He left studies and kissed his bat. Then he became the best cricketers of the world.

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Steve Jobs –

One of the founder members of Apple Phones. He received education just up to Sr Secondary classes. But he continued doing hard work with dedication. The result was very clear. Without any degree, he became the founder of the biggest Mobile Company Apple.

Kaitrina Kaif –

The heart of billions. She is not so educated as her friend. She wished to make her career in acting and modelling. Consequently, she left her studies after 12th class. Now she is one of the good actresses of Bollywood.

Kangana –

Another Bollywood actress. She couldn’t clear chemistry as there was the halt in her studies. In the end, she became the Bollywood Queen.

So it is quite clear that even without formal education, people can get high name in the society. Only passion in the required field is needed. This list is very big. So don’t let low education become hurdle in your success.

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