Education System – India must learn from Other Countries

These days there is much talk about improving the education system in India. Actually this old system has hollowed the actual teaching and learning in India. There are various reports in the papers that Indian Graduates are not competent for

Make Education Real and Practical – Students

In India, education has become a matter of more formality than its being practical and real. Every student feels that there is no real learning in education. There are many things where students learn nothing but tactics to get only

How to Improve Education System ? – An Overhaul

Essay / Article on – How to Improve the Falling Standard of Education ? All of us in India are grumbling against the poor education system. We are crying for quick reforms in the system for bringing the country on

Education and Movies – Students can learn a lot

Prima facie it looks weird and ridiculous that movies can also provide education to the children. But it is the fact that your children can get benefits educationally by watching movies. It is true that a person can receive education

Education Mandatory for Candidates in Haryana Panchayat Election

Haryana has become the second state in the country after Rajasthan in making education compulsory for the candidates who wish to contest in the upcoming Panchayat elections. The Haryana Assembly passed the historic legislation making basic education mandatory for all

Education – Syllabus Covering or Learning or Marks

Education is the most civilized tool in the hands of a civilized person. Educated person is respected everywhere in society. That’s why everybody wishes to be educated. For that he goes to educational institutions such as schools, colleges, universities. He

New Education Policy – Smriti, RSS Bodies Meet

The work on chalking out the New Education Policy is going on with a big momentum and it has got more pace when HRD Minister Smriti Irani met various Bodies of RSS to discuss some of its points and also