Make Education Real and Practical – Students

In India, education has become a matter of more formality than its being practical and real. Every student feels that there is no real learning in education. There are many things where students learn nothing but tactics to get only marks. Here are some points which prove this thing –

For the board students of 10th and 12th classes, there are practicals and projects making. These practicals and projects are of great numbers. For example in Practicals of 10+2 there is more formality. For a student of science, there is the practical of 20 marks.

However, see the poor plight of the education system that, students are never taken to lab in many a school. If they are taken, they do some practicals which are already set. Even the students don’t know the name of the instruments which they have used during the practical. The teacher has already fixed everything for them.

In most of the schools, even there are no labs. What to speak of the students, the teachers have no knowledge what they have to make the students do.

Why has the system made the mockery of Education in India

The situation is abysmal in Projects. The students and teachers don’t know the meaning of this word ” Project”. They don’t know what is done in Project Making. They just copy their peers. Their peers must have prepared it copying previous years’ projects of their seniors.

Students have to consume a lot time in such formalities. They learn nothing. There is a subject called sports. Students take it but never go to the play ground. Even they haven’t seen the sports apparatus. But the irony is that they get maximum marks in this subjects.

Even I know some students who had Table Tennis as a game. However, they had not seen the table throughout their school time. There are many subjects like that.Such things have made the mockery of the education. It seems that the students can learn more outside of the schools.

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