Correspondence Education has the resemblance of Regular Education

There are millions of students who are continuing their Higher Education via Correspondence. Such degrees or diplomas are considered inferior in getting jobs or further education. That’s why these candidates possessing degree/ diploma feel shy in telling others about the mode they have obtained them.

Now there is a good news for them that UGC has released directions. Both manners of getting degrees/ diplomas will get the same treatment.

UGC has released the statement that Indian Govt has envisaged important role of Correspondence and Private Education in improving the standard of Indian Education. The govt knows that this mode of education is helping in the spread of education among the people who are not able to get education regularly.

Most of the people rely on such distant quality education. It shall be injustice for the candidates we ignore in getting jobs, promotions, and higher education. There are many decisions in various states showing that Distant Education will have no value in govt jobs or in further studies.

Distant Courses vs Regular Courses

Not to recognize such degrees/ diplomas will certainly defeat the noble purpose of spreading good education among common masses. Every body knows that quality lacks in such education. The institutes that provide such education has become a kind of business shops.

However, the main focus of the govt is to improve the standard of education provided by such mode. When the highest agency of the country has recognized such courses, it shall be invalid not to consider them same as regular courses.

So there is no worry for the candidates possessing degree / diploma in correspondence mode. The UGC has already released the ordinance to make such courses valid under the rule 2017.

This decision will certainly help the myriad of candidates who have completed their education in such mode. This decision has made these candidates very happy and confident.

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