Use of Modals such as Will, Shall, Used to with Examples

In this post, we shall do the use of the modals like Will, Shall and Used To.

Use of Shall –

Rule – 1 We use shall with the subjects of 1st person ( I & We) to express Simple Future –

e.g. – I shall go to the USA the next week.

We shall play football in the evening.

Rule – 2 But if we use shall with the subjects of 2nd and 3rd persons, it expresses the following moods –

Command – You shall go there at once.

Promise – You shall get a good gift if you stand first in your class.

Threat – You shall receive harsh punishment if you repeat the mistake.

Determination – He shall get success in the exam.

Compulsion – Students shall pay their fees by the 10th every month.

Rule – 3 In Questions Tags, in the sentences starting with Let us/ Let’s –

Let’s go for a walk, shall we ?

Rule – 4. With first person subjects in interrogative sentences to express suggestions –

Shall we talk to the Principal ?

Rule – 5 To take permission –

Shall we go now ?

Use of Modal Will

Rule 1 – With the subjects of 2nd and 3rd persons ( he, she, it, they ), it shows simple future.

Rule 2 – With subjects of 1st person ( I and We), it expresses the following moods –

Determination – I will clear the test this time.

Threat – I will kill you.

Willingness – We will help you if you like.

Promise – We shall give you a warm welcome if you come as a victorious.

Request – Will you help her ?

Use of Used to –

Rule 1 – We use Used to to show routine/ habit of the past –

e.g. – Grandmother used to go to temple every day.

We used to play cricket every evening during our school days.

Note – We can substitute used to with would for the same meaning.

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A Piece of Advice –

We reiterate ( tell ) that modals are very necessary for the language learners to give various expressions. So prepare them by heart and use them in day-to-day interaction. Thanks.

Note:- Now a days, we use ‘Will’ instead of Shall to express each and every mood.

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