Modals Exercise - Fill in Blanks, Check Answers

As we have already told you that a lot of Practice is required in Grammar. We maintain that the more practice you do, the better results shall be out. In our previous posts, we have given you the rules of Modals. You can click here for the Rules of Modals.

In this article, we are providing you some Blanks related exercises. Here you have to fill those blanks using appropriate modals. We shall provide you the options against each blank.

However we advise you to read all the rules of modals before you start doing this exercise. It shall be helpful for exams by School Boards/ SSC/ HSSC/ IBPS  and English Language learners.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate modals.

1. It is possible that Christopher Marlowe ..................have written plays for Shakespeare. ( might/could)

2. The daughter asked her mother if she ....................go out. ( would/might)

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3. Speak slowly lest you ................awake the child. ( should/would)

4. Children ...............take tea at night. ( should/must )

5. She came here so that she ................( may/might) meet her child.

Modals Practice Set -

6. ................her soul rest in peace ! (Would/ May)

7. They ...............not read this book for this topic. ( need/dare)

8. You go to Delhi tomorrow to attend the meeting. ( will have/ should )

9. If you stayed here, you ..............not face the problem. ( would/ should)

10. ...............she had worked hard, she would have passed. ( Should/ Must)

11. He given warm welcome if he wins the tournament. ( Will/ Shall)

12. Children ...............not go to the roof at night. ( Dare/ Can)

13. She a book while watching TV during her school days. ( Would/ Could)

14. He .............pass this time as he has worked satisfactorily hard. ( May/ Can)

15. She said that she ...............prepare dinner herself. ( Will/Would)

16. John ............. to be at home. ( Used/ Ought )

17. They play cricket every day when they were in the college. ( Used/ Ought)

18. please help me lift this box ? ( Can/ Could)

19. .............that I knew her ! ( May/ Would)

20. Anyone .............write a poem on this topic. ( Can/ May )

Answers - 1. might 2. might 3. should 4. must 5. might 6. May 7. need 8. will have 9. would 10. Should 11. Shall 12. dare 13. Would 14. may 15. Would 16. Ought 17. Used 18. Could 19. Would 20. Can

97 thoughts on “Modals Exercise - Fill in Blanks, Check Answers”

  1. Dr. Gupta being a pass out of one of the best medical colleges of the world __________ be a good doctor
    (i) Must (ii) can
    (iii) could. (iv) would

  2. 2. I _________ should like to know what they are.
    3. She _________'t can help it, either.
    4. I _________ like to have his life!
    5. I _________ not like to see his eyes.
    6. _________'t you see the result already?
    7. There is no reason why you _________n't.
    8. There was no reason why she _________ not.
    9. I _________'t stand it much longer.
    10. It _________ be admitted that the portrait is hardly recognisable.
    11. Send it as soon as you _________.
    12. _________'t you see how it is?
    13. I _________'t stand it, and I won't.
    14. I _________ be glad to see him here.
    15. I _________ like to know your opinion of me.
    And the truth _________ be told, that in the morning John was no nearer
    to realizing the terrors he desired to feel.

    17. I _________'t think what she's made of.
    18. I _________ have liked to sleep too.
    It _________ be admitted, too, that they may play them off on us when

  3. The answer is WILL, because it is a feature tense.
    Definition: future perfect tense is use to express future action that will begin's and be completed in the future before another future action begin's.
    Am i correct.

  4. 1 . He __________ fail to deliver the goods.

    2 . The company ________ rather prefer to buy the shares of other financial institutions.

  5. 1 . He __________ fail to deliver the goods

    2 . The company ________ rather prefer to buy the shares of other financial institutions

  6. Que. Fill in the blanks with suitable modals:
    (1). ----------- that I were a child again!
    (2). He --------- vacate the room immediately.

  7. Que. Fill in the blanks with suitable modals;
    (1). -------- that I were a child again!
    (2). He --------- vacate the room immediately.

  8. He knew that he __be able to reach school in time ( would/ must)
    I thought he ___ be at home ( should/ would )
    Ravi ____ speak five languages ( can/ should)
    I ____ read what you have written ( can’t/ couldn’t)
    You___ have kept me in the dark ( should/can’t)
    _____ I get something to eat, please? I am very hungry ( can / will)
    ______ I use your phone, please? ( can / should)
    You _____ go in now and meet the director ( can / would)
    I ____ love to coach this team ( would/ should)

  9. They always take a holiday on the coast
    This is the short I bought from chawla's shop
    What is the difference between a mule and a horse?


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