Practice Set for Modals – Important Sentences for Board Exams

The month of Exams ( March ) is approaching near. As a result, the students are in full form for their preparation. Here in this blog, we are talking about only English subject and in English, grammar plays an important role.

HBSE Exam Dates

And in Grammar, the role of Modals is very significant. This page contains very useful sentences regarding modals. Besides, we shall tell our readers about some basic mistakes they often do.

Modals – Practice Set and Right Use of them –

Should you work hard, you will pass.

Note – Here in this sentence, the modal should has replaced the word ” If “. यहाँ पर should का मतलब if है, न कि चाहिए ।

Would and Used To are the two modals, which are used for the common purpose at one one point ( to show routine/ habit of the past )

Example – I would / Used to play cricket every morning in my school days.

May/ Might ( to show purpose ) –

  • They come here so that they may help him. – Present Tense
  • They came here so that they might help him – Past Tense

Note – In present tense , we use may and in past tense, might.

Must/ Should/ Ought to –

  • Rudra must be at home. ( Surety )
  • Rudra should/ ought to be at home. ( Not sure )

Modals in the sentences of If –

  • If you go there, you can/ will find him.
  • If you went there, you could/ would find him.

Note- If the If part contains present tense, we will use can/ will/ shall etc. And if it contains past tense, there is use of could/ would/ should etc.

Shall/ Will ( Simple Future/ Determination )

  • I shall give you a gift if you stand first in the class ( Simple Future, not sure )
  • I will give you a gift if you stand first in the class ( Determination, sure )
  • The board will release the admit card by 15th of Feb (  Simple Future , Not Sure )
  • The board shall release the admit card by 15th of Feb ( Determination, Sure )

Practice Set of Modals with Blanks ( Answer is given at the end of each and every sentence )

Read these sentences with points and get ready to get some more modals for your practice.

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