Report, Paragraph on ” A Scene at a Railway Station ” for Board Students

Prepare a short report or paragraph on A Scene at the Railway Station

This report is very important for the students of 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th classes. That’s why we are preparing this report for all such students. So get ready to prepare it.

QuestionYou are Rudra of Class 12th NM. You went to the railway station to see off your aunt. You found the railway station full of activity. Write a report in about 200 words

A Scene at the Railway Station

A Report

Last week I got an opportunity to visit the Railway Station of our city.  I and my father had gone to see off my aunt who was going to Bathinda. First of all my father bought tickets for my aunt and my cousins. It took him at least 20 to 25 minutes as the queue of the ticket -seekers was very long. Having purchased tickets, we moved toward the railway inquiry.

We came to know of the platform where the train had to arrive. We reached that platform through the stairs. After reaching there, we took seats. There were still 15 to 20 minutes for the train to arrive. During this time, we could do nothing but to observe the activity there. There were many vendors selling various products such as tea, pakodas, and other snacks. Besides there was the news paper vendor. People were eager for the train.

A Scene at the Railway Station –

There was the great rush at the water tap as it was very hot. At the make-shift shop, people were quenching their thirst by drinking soft-drink. Suddenly there was the announcement of the arrival of the train.The movement started among the impatient passengers. They looked for their luggage. Everybody was looking towards the direction of the train. Suddenly we could see the train approaching. As a result, all the people started running with the train.

Every body wanted to ensure seats in the train. Then the train halted. After a great effort we helped our relatives to board (चढ़ना ) the train. However, they managed to get seats in the compartment. After a couple of minutes, the train gave a parting whistle. Then it moved towards its destination. And we returned home. No doubt, the day is still fresh in my memory.

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