Summary of the story ‘Deep Water’ ( HBSE, CBSE )

Brief / Short summary of the Autobiography ‘Deep Water’ – For 12th board classes-

The story/autobiography (आत्मकथा ) ‘Deep Water’ by a famous personality ‘William Douglas’ talks about hard work and determination (संकल्प ). He begins his story by narrating (telling) the time when he was 3 or 4 years old. William’s father took him to the sea beach (समुंद्री किनारा ). He was with his father, but a big wave came and knocked him (Douglas ) down.

Since then (तब से ), the child’s ( Douglas ) heart killed with a horror of water. However, when he was older, he decided to learn swimming. For that, he joined a local swimming pool club. He started fighting with his fear of water.

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He got a fearful experience ( भयानक अनुभव ) suddenly (अचानक ). A big boy picked him up and tossed (उछाला ) him into the deeper side of the pool. At once, the writer went to the bottom of the pool. Douglas used all his power to come upward (ऊपर ) . He came up slowly. He could see nothing but except ( सिवाए ) water. His breadth was lost. His lungs ached/ pained ( दर्द होना ). He tried to cry in fear, but no sound came.

He was getting dizzy ( चकराना ). Douglas  tried to cry in fear, but no sound came out. He went down three times, he tried to come up. But all his efforts failed. Then he stopped all his efforts.

There was the blackness in his brain. This blackness removed all fear. There was no more fear. He started thinking :”This is nice……. to go to sleep. There is no need to jump. Now I must go to sleep “. Then everything was blank. But it was his luck that he came out. He was week and trembling (कांपना ). He never went back to the pool. But he had to overcome (क़ाबूपाना ) his fear. He hired an instructor and got confidence again. After that he visited many places. And in the end he overcome his fear of water. ( Deep Water by William Douglas )

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