What is Linguistics? Courses, Institutes, Eligibility, Scope

Definition of Linguistics with Scope, Courses, Institutes that provide these courses, Eligibility Criteria What is Linguistics ? Linguistics is the study of language. Linguistics includes the studies of Phonetics ( production, acoustics and listening of speech sounds such as p,

Learn Idioms & Phrases with Usage in Sentences

Idioms and phrases are the integral part of any language. They are the ornaments. In order to make a language effective, the speaker must Idioms & Phrases. They form a rich, strong and effective vocabulary. As a result their use

Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru – First Prime Minister of India

Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru had once said, ” I have received so much affection from my Indian Brothers and Sisters that whatever I’ll do can’t return even the fraction of that. It is very difficult for me to explain the

How can students get rid of specs – Some Tips

These days there is a lot of burden of studies over the students. They have to study for hours at a stretch to compete their rivals. As a result, they suffer from very poor health. The worse thing is that

Punctuation – Use of Comma & Apostrophe

Punctuation is very important system as far as Written English is concerned. It is very important to use correct punctuation for correct meaning and effective language. Punctuation is a system in which various marks/symbols are used in writing to indicate

Use of Has, Have, Had in Simple Sentences

Learn the Proper Use of Has and Have in Simple Present and Past Sentences In Simple Sentences Has/Have is used in the sense of keep. Has is used with he, she, it and 3rd person singular number nouns whereas Have

Important Sentences related with Food/ Meals

Meals related very useful sentences – Are you feeling hungry ? What will you like to have in your dinner ? and so on. Such sentences related with food or meals are used much in our daily life. We face

Telephonic Conversation – Part 1 ( Talking on Phone)

Telephonic conversation is an integral part of Speaking in the modern world. It requires a lot of practice to be confident while undergoing conversation on telephone/ mobile. There are two things which are very important while talking on telephone. First

English Sentences related with Weather & Seasons

Every country and place has different weathers and seasons. In India, the weather is very hot in summer season and very cold in winter. It is pleasant in rainy season. In European and American countries, the winters are very harsh

Important English Sentences Related with Health

In this article, we are providing Sentences related with health. In life time, everyone of us has health  issues. Almost every day we have one or other health related problem that forces us to go to the doctor. Therefore, the

US Spelling Bee Contest Important Words for Years to Come

In 2016 US Spelling Bee Contest, Indian Americans have once again proved their mettle by clinching the Trophy. Two Indian-American students Nihar, a 5th Grade student from Austin and Jairam, a 7th Grade student from Painted Post, New York were

How to Start a Speech in English? Check Draft

Every body wants to make an influential start of his/her speech. Your initial words  can leave an indomitable impact on the listeners and they can have fairly better idea as to what kind of speaker you are gonna be. You

Cloze Test – How to do practice for Cloze Test ?

Cloze Test is one of newly added topics in Competitive English. Students find is hard to do this topic due to lack of practice. First of all it is important to know what Cloze Test is. It is a test

What do we mean by Bilingualism? Define Bilingualism

What is bilingualism ? – A short not on Bilingualism for the students of literature If a speaker uses two languages in different situations depending upon the context, We know him as bilingual. Fisher defines bilingualism as ” demonstrated ability

Objective Type Questions from How The Camel Got His Hump

Prepare very short questions or Objective type questions with solution/ answers from How The Camel Got His Hump by Rudyard Kipling – Useful links of topics for 8th class students Q. Who is the author of How The Camel Got