Objective Type Questions from From the Diary of Anne Frank

Prepare very short questions or objective type questions with answers from From the Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank - Based on NCERT pattern - Useful for 10th class students from the book named First Flight - Imp links

Diary of Anne Frank at examweb.in

Q. Who is the writer of From the Diary of Anne Frank ?

Answer - Anne Frank

Q. Which country does Anne Frank belong to ?

Answer - Germany

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Q. What religion does the girl have ?

Answer - Jew

Q. What is the real name of Anne Frank ?

Answer - Anneliese Marie

Q. What is the life term of Anne Frank ?

Answer - June 12, 1929 to Feb/ March 1945

Q. What is the name of her father ?

Answer - Otto

Q. Who was Margot Frank ?

Answer - Anne Frank's sister

Q. How did Anne Frank die ?

Answer - She died of typhus

Q. With what name was her diary published ?

Answer - The Diary of a Young Girl

Q. When did she get that diary ?

Answer - On her 13 birthday

Q. Who has more patience than people ?

Answer - Paper

Q. What is the meaning of listless ?

Answer - With no energy or interest

Q. What name does she give to her diary ?

Answer - Kitty

Q. What is Anne's mother's name ?

Answer - Edith Hollander Frank

Q. When did Anne's grandmother die ?

Answer - InĀ  Jan 1942

Q. What is the name of Anne's maths' teacher ?

Answer - Mr. Keesing

Q. What annoyed her maths' teacher ?

Answer - Anne's talking too much

Q. What was the name of the essay Mr. Keesing had assigned on her ?

Answer - A Chatterbox

Q. What is the meaning of old Fogey ?

Answer - An old-fashioned person

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For such objective type questions with solution from Diary of Anne Frank written by Anne Frank, you are welcome on this page. If you have any suggestions, you can give. These questions are very good for the students of 10th class. We wish good luck for their exam.

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