Objective Type Questions from Two Stories About Flying

Prepare short questions or objective type questions with answers from Two Stories About Flying – His First Flight by Liam O’ Flaherty and Black Aeroplane by Frederick Forsyth – Based on NCERT pattern – the book is First Flight – Useful links for 10th class students

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Q. Who is the writer of His First Flight ?

Answer – Liam O’ Flaherty

Q. Who has written the story Black Aeroplane ?

Answer – Frederick Forsyth

Q. Who was alone on the ledge ?

Answer – The young seagull

Q. How many brothers and sisters does he have ?

Answer – Two brothers and one sister

Q. What had been he afraid to ?

Answer – He had been afraid to fly

Q. What is the meaning of ledge ?

Answer – A narrow horizontal shelf projecting from a wall or a cliff

Q. What was there in the food ?

Answer – A piece of fish

Q. Did he make his first flight ?

Answer – Yes

Q. What is the meaning of dizzy ?

Answer – An uncomfortable feeling of spinning around and losing one’s balance

Q. What was old Dakota DS 088 ?

Answer – An aeroplane

Q. Where was the aeroplane going ?

Answer – From France to England

Q. What was the time that time ?

Answer – One thirty in the morning

Q. Where did the narrator call ?

Answer – He called Paris Control

Q. What was the distance of Paris ?

Answer – 150 kilometres behind

Q. What did the narrator see in the storm ?

Answer – Another aeroplane

Q. How much fuel is left in old Dakota ?

Answer – To fly for five or ten minutes more

Q. Was there another aeroplane flying that night ?

Answer – No

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