Result and Answer Key – Define them

Define Result and Answer Key – What is their purpose ? – Why do we use them ?

Q. What are Results and Answer Keys ?

Answer – After doing hard work of some course for a given period, we wish to know the result of that labour. We are in constant wait of the result. As a result, the result is necessary. But the result may take some time.

In the meantime, answer key satiate our curiosity. The answer key tells us the result of our hard work before the result is out. Rough result is known to us by the answer key. Thus we get cut off marks/ merit list through answer key and result.

If the result is positive, we can proceed in the selection criteria.

Q. Who prepares the Result and Answer Key ?

Answer – The experts prepare the result and answer key. They first check the answer sheet and on that basis result and answer key are ready.

Q. When are the result and answer key available ?

Answer – The result is available after a few days of the exam. As far as the answer key is concerned it is out before 2 or 3 days ago of the result.

Q. Is there anything after the Answer Key and the Result ?

Answer – Yes or No. After the answer key, there is no doubt there is the result. After the result is out, there can be interview and counseling or not. So it depends a lot upon the organizations or institutions.

Q. Where are the result and the answer key available ?

Answer – The result and the answer key are available on the official website of the regarding exam. Though some private websites also publish the answer key, it is less reliable. These private published answer key help us a lot. But the result and related instructions are available on the official website.

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