Important Abbreviations, Daily Use Short Forms - Part 2

There is no dearth of Short Forms ( Abbreviations) in English. Almost every day we come across new abbreviations or new abbreviations are coined. So it is very important to have familiarity with these new short-forms. We have already provided you some good Abbreviations in our previous blog. You can click the following link for reading them. Useful Abbreviations Part 1.

Now get ready to read more. Somebody has shared us these Abbreviations at Social Media Platform. So we have felt an urge to share them with you.

Important Short Forms for daily use -

HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

PDF - Portable Document Format

NEFT - National Electronic Fund Transfer

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MICR - Magnetic Inc Character Recognition

IFSC - Indian Financial System Code

ISP - Internet Service Provider

ECS - Electronic Clearing System

CST - Central Sales Tax

CRR - Cash Reserve Ratio

UDP - User Data-gram Protocol

RTC - Real Time Clock

IP - Internal Protocol

Learn Very Important Abbreviations ( Short Forms ) for Daily Use

CAG - Comptroller and Auditor General

FERA - Foreign Exchange Regulation Act

ISRO - International Space Research Organization

ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network

OMR - Optical Mark Recogntion

AHRC - Asian Human Right Commission

JPEG - Joint Photo Expert Group

URL - Uniform Resource Locator

IRDP - Integrated Rural Development Programme

A.S.L.V - Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle

ATM - Automatic  Teller Machine

C.T.R - Cash Transaction Receipt

C.T.S. - Cheque Transaction system

N E F T - National Electronic Funds Transfer

GDP - Gross Domestic Product

F D I - Foreign Direct Investment

E P F O - Employees Provident Fund Organization

C R R - Cash Reserve Ratio

CFRA - Combined Finance and Revenue Accounts

GPF - General Provident Fund

GMT - Global Mean Time

GNP - Gross National Product

GST - Goods and Service Tax

GOOGLE - Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth

YAHOO - Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

Windows - Wide Interactive Network Development for Office Work Solution

Computer - Common Oriented Machine Particularly United and Used under Technical and Educational Research.

VIRUS - Vital Information Resources under Siege

UMTS - Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

AMOLED - Active-matrix Organic Light-emitting diode

OLED - Organic Light-emitting diode

I M E I - International Mobile Equipment Identity

E S N - Electronic Serial No

PUBG - Player of Unknown's Battle Ground

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