An Essay/ Article on Plastic Money and Cashless Society

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After the demonetization move, the Central Govt is advising the people to use Debit Cards, Credit Cards etc for their day-to-day transactions. Even the PM Modi, in his pet Talk Show ” Mann Ki Baat” raised the issue and advocated the use of Plastic Money and transforming the country system from cash transactions to cashless transactions.

So we can realize that the age of plastic money has finally dawned in India. Now having such cards will become necessary in India. But before that also, people in great nos, especially in cities, had started using the credit/debit cards.

Recently Paytm, India’s largest m-commerce platform has also made some announcements regarding relaxation in its services. Its Founder, Mr Vijay Shekhar Sharma has said during interview that ‘Paytm could make a big leap from 1.5 million PoS to a 15 million PoS level once they enable it on every smartphone that a merchant has.’

There are many categories of credit cards. Each category depends upon on our annual income and frequency of usage. The more exclusive is our card category, the higher is the value of services offered.

For providing the services, the service providers charge money. The credit card dues can be paid in full or parts. If the people pay in full, they have to pay no interest charge.

The customers can use them everywhere. You can go to the hotel and pay bills using your cards. You can book your rooms in the hotels, you can shop in shopping malls, you can purchase vegetables- in all, you can do all types of transactions using your cards. Now even a small tea-stall on the road side provides you this facility.

Plastic Money and Cashless Society

The concerned companies also attach a no of facilities with their services to the costumers. The customers may get cash-back schemes, life insurances, security covers etc.

Having plastic money has a lot of other benefits. There is no threat of your pocket being picked. You don’t need to carry life-threatening cash. There is the transparency in all types of transactions. No use of black money, no flow of black money and therefore, no corruption.

Easy to use, no inconvenience of standing in long queues for filling electricity bills, for gas refills, paying school and college fees. Even the Prime Minister in the same talk show said,” Let your mobile be transformed in to e-wallet.”

There may be some problems in transforming India in to cashless India. First, there is the majority of people living in rural areas. They are mostly illiterate. So they are not technology-savvy. They have phobia of technology. It is ironical they don’t believe in such things. So for such people awareness drive must be initiated.

Even such people are also in the cities. Here, the young brigade of India as the PM addresses them must come forward. They must start this work out of their busy schedule. Each youngster must teach 4 or 5 people in his neighbourhood the use of Cards. Gradually it can be changed in to mass movement. As for having the smart phones, the companies shall certainly come out with cheaper sets. Everybody shall afford this very useful facility.

And the day will not be far off when the whole of Indians shall use plastic money for each and every transactions.Then India shall also become cashless money. Here we must remember one thing that Rome was not built in day. Things take time. Let the change happen and hope for the best.

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