Words that often confuse – Clear their meanings now

Words are the essential part of any of the languages. To make their proper use requires constant practice and efforts. But the meaning of the words must be clear before you use them. There are some words that are quite different in spellings but very close to in their meanings.

Therefore, it is necessary to know their different meaning. We have brought some such words different in spellings and almost same in the meaning. These words confuse the English learners / Beginners. We have try to clear their meanings through sentences. Read and practice them till you imbibe them.

Words that baffle the readers –

Between and Among – Between is used for two persons/ things and among for more than two.

The father divided the property between two brothers.

The chief guest distributed sweets among the people.

Admit and Confess – We use admit for accepting some reality/ truth whereas confess to accept the guilt.

He has admitted that I am better.

The girl confessed her guilt before her parents.

As and Like – As takes a clause after it whereas like doesn’t.

Do as what I say.

She is like a butterfly.

Audience and Spectators –

Audience stands for the listeners whereas spectators comes for the viewers.

The audience got bored after listening his speech.

The spectators cheered for the player.

Bring / Fetch

Fetch means to go and bring.

He brought me a glass of water.

Please, fetch me a glass of water.

Each other/ One another – We use each other for two people and one another for more than two.

Two brothers hated each other.

People should help one another.

If and whether –

We use If in a conditional sentence whereas whether to show option/ preference.

If you don’t work hard, you will fail.

He asked me whether I would go.

 quarantined – Isolated, to stay isolated from others. ( Famous term these days of breakdown of Corono virus

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