Practice Homonyms Part 1

For Homonyms read the following words – Accept – Admit, Take Radha accepted publicly that she  was wrong. Except – Exclude, Save, apart from Everybody except John was present in the function. Amiable – Affable, Friendly nature Sophie is amiable

Word that Often Confuse Students – Homonyms Part 4

Read more homonyms or words that confuse Indian students Loose – Slack, Unfastened He prefers to wear loose shirts. Lose – to miss, to be unable to find Losing this chance means losing for ever. Maize – a rough grain

Homonyms Part 3 – Word that often confuse Students

Read these homonyms and prepare them – Cattle – Domestic or farm animal She bought a pair of cows from cattle fair. Kettle – A tea pot Ram poured milk from kettle. Cast – Noun – People who act in

Words Often Confuse the Students – Homonyms Practice Set 2

Here we are providing you some important homonyms – Access – Approach, entry, retrieve Rudra has got the direct access to Education minister. May she access some data from your PC ? Excess – Surplus, superabundance They should distribute their

Words that often confuse – Clear their meanings now

Words are the essential part of any of the languages. To make their proper use requires constant practice and efforts. But the meaning of the words must be clear before you use them. There are some words that are quite

See Words without Vowels ,Consonants in English

Vowels and Consonants are the essential elements to form any word. Without them we can’t imagine the formation of any word. But words can be formed without one of them ( using either vowels or consonants ). Students keep tracking

Important Words for Spelling Tests – Important Spellings

Important and Useful English Words for Written Exams In English Paper of any of the exams, there is two or three questions regarding the Spellings. In such questions, the paper-setter put two or three questions in which he writes wrong